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YMMV / Girls' Last Tour

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  • Angst? What Angst?: Despite her plane not lasting 20 seconds and being stuck parachuting to the lowest levels of the city, Ishii takes everything in pretty good stride. The same is generally true for the main characters. You see later on that it's just repressed. Both girls are very scared of what lies ahead of them, and rely on each other for comfort.
  • Awesome Music: Considering its simplistic visual style, the series has some absolutely gorgeous musical themes.
    • Main Theme, which opens up the series invokes a sense of hope in dark places.
    • Owari no Uta (The Song of Ending), which is vaguely heard through the radio in the later episodes and eventually sung in its full glory by the "cats" is a melancholy, yet gentle tune of the ending of the world.
    • Amadare no Uta (The Sound of Rain) is a more carefree, yet still beautiful song inspired by the falling of raindrops on echoing surfaces.
  • Broken Base: To say the ending is divisive would be like saying fire is hot.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Despite the relatively light hearted nature of the series, it makes it clear that the remainder of mankind is on the verge of extinction. The ending has the girls reach the top level only to find out their entire journey amounted to them finding 'nothing'. They have used up their remaining supplies to achieve this, and they don't know what to do next.
  • Faux Symbolism: Numerous reviews point out the series is in fact a tongue-in-cheek take on all the staple philosophical musings of post-apocalyptic fiction. Content that could fill entire run of several different shows is presented in short conversations, any pretense of deeper meaning tossed out the window when the characters just chat about the "important" subjects. There is a lot of talking about afterlife, meaning of life, meaning of continuing to live After the End, humanity being a bunch of bastards... but it's all a filler, with all the flaws of different concepts quickly being pointed out.
  • Fridge Horror: In episode 12, Yuuri is Swallowed Whole by a giant cat creature. She actually turns out to be okay, as the giant cat creature says they don't eat living people. But it makes you wonder, what happened to all the dead bodies? The scale of the city highly suggests there must have been tens of thousands, if not millions, of people living in this place, yet the girls never see lots of dead bodies laying around. And while many people probably died peacefully, as seen in one of the videos in episode 12, there are also scenes that suggests warfare also occurred. And if a person survived but others around them died, seeing one of those cat creatures showing up and eating the dead body, or at least carrying it off, must've no doubt been a terrifying experience, perhaps enough for them to be Driven to Suicide, especially if it eats someone that person had a strong connection to.
    • On the other hand, since we see the "cats" commemorated as nearly divine creatures in statues around the city, it's possible that feeding your dead to them was in fact the burial custom of choice during the last civilization; it would explain why even the supposed graves only contain objects of personal significance, instead of the actual dead bodies.
    • Kanazawa and Ishii's fate after they leave. He travels on foot, while she slowly descends back down via parachute to a lower level after her plane explodes well before she reaches her destination. While it's implied they might be okay, the audience is left to wonder what happened to them. Did they starve to death? Or get injured and subsequently became too weak to find food/medicine? Or were they perhaps Driven to Suicide due to being alone and getting a extreme case of Cabin Fever? One would hope that they at least died a peaceful death, content with what they've accomplished with their life. At least Chito and Yuuri had each other to talk to and keep company.
  • Genius Bonus: In the opening and in most scenes where the Girls and the Kettenkrad cross from one side of the screen to the other they will be moving from right to left. Those with an astronomical bent know that the Earth rotates to the east - that is, left to right. Just like it says in the opening: So with a 1,2,3 start walking ... in the opposite direction the world is turning.
  • Inferred Holocaust: Two layers of it:
    • Humanity has managed to destroy itself almost completely, to the point where a new civilization could very well begin and end among the ruins, making the setting a post-post-apo. But for the point-of-view characters this is simply normal - they never experienced anything else.
    • The entire Mega City is so desolated the girls meet grand total of two humans while traversing several levels of it. Said humans probably never meet each other. Complete extinction of humanity is, at this point, a matter of time. Then again, for Chito and Yuuri all that matters is having each other.
  • Moe: The girls are almost literal 'moeblobs' with very simple designs.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • By episode 12 the "cats" inform girls they are the only known living humans. This doesn't actually say anything about Kanizawa and Ichii's fates ("cats" may very well be Unreliable Expositors), but there is barely anything left of human race anyway.
    • Judging by the photos, Kanizawa was travelling with a woman. They seemed to be close, but he never mentions her and he's alone when meeting the girls. We never learn who she was or what happened to her.
    • Old news clips and private footage of the war are show. It consists of a different stages of a very brutal Robot War and bombardments, made even worse by how they're interspersed with cute clips of the world before the war.
    • The world isn't just dying, it already died and nothing can be done about it.
  • Tear Jerker: The ending. After all their struggles to reach the top level of the city and losing almost all their possessions, the girls find...nothing. A big heap of nothing. And are left to eat their last bit of food while trying to think of what to do next.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: It's never actually explained how the world ended apart from a few vague clues, and save for a brief flashback near the end of the manga, little is known about Chito and Yuuri's backstories, and how they ended up being some of the last humans left on Earth. The anime attempts to rectify this situation by making it more clear the cause of the destruction was nuclear war, as the war robot attests to, and showing that the camera contains memories of the Earth That Was, including Kanazawa's daughter.