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  • Breather Level: Surprisingly, chapters 0-1 and 0-2 are this. After fighting tooth and nail through seven long chapters of increasingly difficult bosses, 0-1 is astoundingly short, and while 0-2 might be longer and, on its face, absolutely loaded with enemies, both are very easy to complete due in large part to the enemies never moving from their posts, allowing players to slowly clear out the maps at their leisure while farming for drops and XP. It doesn't last, however, since 0-4 happens to be That One Level.
  • Broken Base:
    • The censored artwork made in order to please or not get in trouble with Chinese, Korean and Apple App store's censorship and rating boards. Some fans don't like it since it ruins the character's original design while others think the censored artwork is much better since it improves the artwork and makes the characters clothes less silly and more practical (eg. MG5 wearing pants instead of her original artwork where she wears chaps).
    • Gentiane from the official manga. While some fans like Gentiane since it's a nice change of pace to see a female protagonist in a gacha game-based manga, many others feel like its a Cosmic Retcon due to the fact that she's also canon as far as the series goes, and so far has proven far less of a capable commander unlike the game counterpart.
    • The Volume 2 Confidential Files has caused quite a backlash amongst fans due to the large retcons of the plot and settings that it doesn't sound like the same game. The book's political critique of Japan, South Korea and the US despite the game being a hit in those countries didn't help the book's reputation. Add to the fact it was revealed parts of the book was not written by Mica Team but outsourced by another writer has made the book a Fanon Discontinuity.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • The KCCO Hydras that appear from stage 10-4E and onwards are the first non-boss example that fits here. They have a staggering 199 armor and have an extremely rapid and fast attack that is practically impossible to tank, forcing players to employ extremely well strengthened RF/MG dolls with 5-star, max-calibrated AP rounds to kill them fast. The Heavy Ordnance Corps units somewhat mitigate the difficulty a little bit, but not too much.
    • The KCCO tank, Typhon, is another example that debuted in the Singularity Campaign. They have an extremely powerful penetrating beam weapon that never misses, and to make matters worse, they come with very powerful escort units with tons of HP. Since the player must take down all of the escorts and keep dodging the tank attacks until they reach the tank's blind spot, it requires a combination of extremely high early DPS and high maneuverability. It led to a very unusual combination of dolls named "Tankbuster". See Trivia page for details on this combination.
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    • The Fourth Faction's Rodelero that appears in the Continuum Turbulence campaign is a mild example. They leap towards a target and then unleash a powerful beam attack that pierces through an entire row. They can be easily fooled using a Provocation Fairy's dummy because they always leap towards the drone, but they still force the player to move their dolls around, briefly making their squad vulnerable. This causes a number of problems when they appear in tandem with other powerful units, such as Doppelsoldners or Uhlans. And while we're talking about Doppelsoldners...
    • Doppelsoldners are by far the worst example, even more than the Hydras. These monstrous units, nicknamed 'gundams' in the Korean fandom, have automatic grenade launchers that never miss as their base attack, and after 8 seconds into the fight they will unleash a grenade bombardment across the entire screen, with no room to dodge. In other words, there is no such thing as 'tanking' against these things. The only way to take them down without suffering catastrophic damage is to deal very high damage in a very short amount of time and take them out. there are very few dolls that can do this.
    • A special shoutout from the English community goes to the Fourth Faction, as they cameo'd in the VA-11 HALL-A crossover (as stand-ins for the White Knights of VH) months ahead of their scheduled storyline debut (since Sunborn made sure to get the crossover out for the EN community roughly in time with other regions, as VH first debuted in English). While they were adjusted a bit for fairness, English players got introduced to the wonders of Rodeleros, Doppels and Uhlans without digimind upgrades or Singularity-era Dolls even being available. (A typical reaction to VH stage 1-6 was often "IS THAT A GODDAMN TANK?!") The event even caps off with fighting a stand-in Fourth Faction boss, who is tremendously more involved than anything most EN-exclusive players had faced up to that point. Oh, did we mention that the final stage involves fighting said boss, multiple mandatory Rodeleros, and playing chicken with two super-gundams?
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
  • Fanon:
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Some players don't trust most, if not all, of the backstory information provided in Volume 2 of the Confidential Files due to what appears to massive amounts of retcons done on the backstory, starting with the specifics of the Belian Island incident, and that's all that should be said on this page.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: For some metrics, the game is significantly more popular in Korea than its home country China.
  • Junk Rare: There are certain 4 or even 5-star T-dolls that fall into trope for a variety of factors, which include but are not limited to non-synergizing stats, bad tile buff placement/effects, subpar skills and effectiveness, or any combination of the above.
  • Memetic Loser:
    • As per the norm for flat-chested characters, UMP45 is portrayed as a T-Doll with excessive A-Cup Angst. To rub more salt in the wound, any fanart of UMP45 with a smaller chest size will receive a major No Yay reaction from fans, or be interpreted not actually as UMP45, but as some other T-Dolls cosplaying as her.
    • 6P62, mainly because she is drawn by the manager of Mica team (the company in fact grew out of a dojin circle so even the manager has some art skills), Yu Zhong, who is a widely memed person in the community and the butt of many player complaints and jokes, so they were applied to 6P62 by proxy. Even in one of the official pieces of furniture, she is shown being locked inside a manager's office.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • IDW DA NYA! note 
    • Rate Up is a Lie! note 
    • No Bulli! note 
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Hearing three or more rings when seeing the result of what T-Doll you've crafted, indicating a 3-star or better.
    • Occasionally, hearing the rings continue even after you tap; typically the signal that you've just crafted a brand-new T-Doll.
  • Most Annoying Sound: IDW's introduction, to the annoyance and disappointment of many people trying to craft Grizzly or other 4 or 5-star handguns. Those who do try to make use of her then learns just how annoying all of her remaining lines could be, as well.
  • Older Than They Think: This is actually not the first Girls with Guns-themed F2P gacha game with tactical elements appearing in the wake of Kantai Collection. The first known game of that type goes to the defunct game of Shooting Girl, which was actually published by DMM.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • This is the primary function of the Digi-mind upgrade system. Previously, certain T-Dolls are generally disliked due to their mediocre performance and/or unlikable character design. With Digi-mind upgrades to MOD 3, typically both issues are resolved or alleviated, with said Dolls moving up a rarity tier (unless they are already 5-star), gaining improved stats, unlocking new skills, and may receive new unique equipment. That being said, some like IDW remain unpopular even post-Digi-mind upgrade.
    • On the subject of IDW, though: the VA-11 HALL-A ended up doing wonders for the fandom's perception of her character. The Griffon City IDW is doggedly loyal to Super Shorty and all her friends in Griffon, and even plugs herself into the Earth Computer just to give her world a little longer to live. When she's finally rescued from the Earth Computer, she's still humble about it and just glad to be reunited with Shorty. Her characterization during the event proved a huge hit and made IDW fans out of many previous haters (though the event still did nothing for IDW's tragically poor gameplay).
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Skins are only available as gacha pulls, lumped in with the furniture pool. This was a deal breaker for some fans who want them, since the skins are RNG-based instead of just having a simple price tag. For that matter, the idea of furniture being gacha-based is seen as ridiculous by some, like shoehorning a mini-gacha game into a game that already has a gacha system in place to drain more money. Not to mention the few skins that are not in gacha are usually sold in bundles that can, depending on the region and exchange rates, cost anywhere from 20 to 45 USD.
  • The Scrappy: IDW is disliked, particularly by the English fandom, for many reasons: her cat-like voice is very annoying to hear that gets worse with her Digi-mind upgrade, her weak stats and rubbish tile buffs, and her shared construction timer with the rarer and much more useful Grizzly Mk V handgun. As noted above, though, the VA-11 HALL-A has helped her reputation as a character a fair deal, even if she remains mechanically meager.
  • Spiritual Adaptation: It's basically the Distaff Counterpart of Touken Ranbu, another "free-to-play" game which features infantry weapons depicted as people (in this case, men representing swords). Touken Ranbu is the "Guys Smash" part of Guys Smash, Girls Shoot, while GFL is the "Girls Shoot" part.
  • That One Boss:
    • The Dreamer is the first example. She snipes dolls from extremely long range using what appears to be a sniper rifle/cannon, and is placed so far away that the player's dolls have to walk a considerable distance before they can attack her. This makes the SG/MG combination impractical against her.
      • Her chapter 8 counterpart is even worse: she now uses a super beam weapon that damages an entire row of dolls. Dolls too slow to move away in time, such as RF or MG dolls, have little use here. Even worse is that there is a glitch with Dreamer that causes her attack detection to become much larger than it should be.
    • The Judge is the second example. She has a constant shield that reduces all incoming damage and has an attack where she jump-kicks a certain part of the terrain and leaves a field that damages all dolls within it for a certain period of time. She is also tough as hell, to the point where the 'bamboo' dolls are not enough to take them out with a single salvo.
    • The Agent herself personally arrives on the battlefield in the Singularity Event. She is tough as hell, even more so than the Judge before her. On top of that, she has the ability to summon dummies of herself, making her even tougher. Her special ability is to cast a limited time shield on herself, which, if not destroyed during that time limit, becomes a devastating attack that immediately destroys every player unit in the field.
    • M16A1, who had been captured by the Sangvis Ferri, becomes a boss in Chapter 3 of Singularity. She is even tougher than Agent or Judge, and has powerful base attacks and skills, making her a very formidable opponent.
      • Fun fact: While there actually were people who managed to take down Judge or even Agent with bamboo rifles, no one has ever managed to take down M16 with bamboo rifles. That's how insanely tough she is, even compared to Judge or Agent.
  • That One Boss: This game has them in droves, usually during events:
    • For the first seven chapters, the Dreamer fight in 7-6 and 7-4E are this. While the boss herself isn't very durable nor powerful, she starts the fight way behind the enemy frontline, taking potshots at the player's own T-Dolls, who must then slowly march towards her while still being pelted with gunfire. Being a boss, her attacks rend armor and cause considerable damage onto those who don't have protection, and the long march towards her render those with Deflector Shield skills ineffective since it cannot be triggered while the T-Dolls are moving. The only semi-practical way to avoid taking damage during this phase is to put out tanks with high Evasion in front of an echelon who also buffs this stat, and even then it's still not foolproof.
  • That One Level:
    • Fighting Ouroboros in Operation Cube is one thing, but the ENTIRE EVENT could easily fall under this trope for two reasons. The first, as mentioned on the main page, was that the event consisted of nothing but night ops. The second was that the original run of this event in the mainland Chinese version happened BEFORE the addition of equipment. How is this a problem? During night ops, all of your t-dolls have a 90% accuracy penalty, and because equipment did not exist at the time, your pistol, SMG, and AR T-Dolls did not have the help of infra-red laser sights with which to mitigate or negate the accuracy penalty. The lack of equipment effectively jacked up the difficulty of the event beyond what the developers had anticipated.
    • Stage 10-4E is the first mission where the player fights the military. Due to the military units being extremely powerful, this stage is notoriously brutal. The main problem is the KCCO hydras, which have extremely high armor and extremely powerful damage output, making them extremely painful opponents.
    • Chapter 3 of the Singularity Event had several examples, due to having to fight powerful KCCO units.
    • Chapter 3 of the Continuum Turbulence Event is even worse, because of having to fight KCCO squads even stronger than they were in the Singularity event, repeatedly, and having no way to avoid them unlike in the Singularity campaign. The fact that this entire chapter is, with the exception of stage 3-10, once again nothing but night battles does not help either.
    • The ranking competition stage of the Continuum Turbulence Event is by far the most brutal example. Most of the enemy squads have Doppelsoldners, which are almost impossible to take down without taking heavy damage. And due to this map being a night battle, and having most helipads disabled, you cannot even repair your dolls on the field. The only known combinations that can be used against these enemies without taking heavy damage require very specific dolls that either require a lot of resources or are exceedingly rare, and also require painstaking micromanagement that is even worse than most AOS or RTS games, and require quite a bit of luck because of the doppelsoldners' deflection shield.
    • Deep Dive 2-4 at times can fall into straight-up Luck-Based Mission thanks to the unpredictable spawns and movement of red golyats with the added bonus of being on a Night Battle map with the only few resupply points in inconveniently-placed areas with multiple Garms wandering about.
  • Unexpected Character:
    • The crossover announced on the livestream that celebrated the third anniversary. Crossovers are a dime a dozen in mobage, sure. Crossovers between Asian mobage and "western" games are unusual but hardly unheard of. Crossovers with indie games, very uncommon but not completely impossible. And crossovers between works with similar premises, sure, happens all the time. But if anyone told you that they totally expected GFL would be crossing over with VA-11 HALL-A, of all things, you have every right to call that person a dirty liar.
    • The DJMAX Respect crossover, as well. It left the fanbases of both games scratching their heads, wondering how a strategy game and a rhythm game have any relation to each other.


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