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YMMV / Ghosts Can't Do It

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  • Designated Hero: In any other film, a woman who tries to murder an innocent man so that the ghost of her deceased husband can inhabit their body would almost certainly be the villain. The Dereks seem to have realized the problem with this, as late on Fausto is suddenly revealed to be a petty criminal, and he ends up accidentally drowning himself, thus keeping Kate from having to commit murder.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: A lot of viewers only watch it to see Donald Trump As Himself.
  • Narm:
    • The Title Drop during the scene where Kate is coming to terms with Scott's death really undermines what could be quite a poignant moment (well, that and Bo Derek's acting).
    • Just about any scene involving the ghostly Scott. It looks more like they got footage of Anthony Quinn performing a stand-up comedy routine and randomly spliced it into the film.
  • So Bad, It's Good: At best, the movie can be called this. The Cinema Snob acknowledged the film's worthless but might be worth a watch for how insane it is, and The Official Razzie Movie Guide lists Ghosts Can't Do It as a laughably bad movie, that viewers could laugh at everything from the bizarre plot to Bo Derek's weird hats.
  • Special Effect Failure: To say the least, having Scott's ghost represented by getting Anthony Quinn to stand in front of a black backdrop and superimposing footage of water over him isn't the most effective way of representing a supernatural being.

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