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YMMV / Ghost Rider Duology

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Ghost Rider (2007)

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

  • Complete Monster: Mephisto is the ultimate ruler of Hell and seeks to spread his influence on Earth. In the first film, he seeks the contract of San Venganza and collect the thousands of souls he bargained with, and tricked Johnny Blaze into a deal that cursed him with the Ghost Rider to save Johnny's father from cancer, only to kill Johnny's father the next day to let Johnny know he's his property. Later, Mephisto sends Johnny to kill his rebellious son, Blackheart. In the sequel, Mephisto, as Roarke, reveals that in order to walk on Earth he needs a human body; not only does this limit his power but his current body is now dying. Among his previous host bodies were Josef Stalin, Idi Amin, and John Wayne Gacy. To create a permanent and powerful host body, Mephisto conceived a child with Nadya Ketch. It's also revealed that in order to create the Ghost Rider, Mephisto dragged Zarathos, the Angel of Justice, into hell, torturing and twisting him into insanity. When Nadya and her child Danny escape, Mephisto masterminds a demonic conspiracy of murder to get his hands on Danny in preparation to destroy the boy's soul, possess him and bring about The Antichrist. When Johnny, Nadya and Moreau disrupt this ritual, Mephisto makes a final attempt to flee and abduct Danny before his final confrontation with Ghost Rider.