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  • Accidental Innuendo: In a recent episode while panning for gold.
    Zak: Hey, I think I got the wrist action down! *beat* I should just not talk...
    • The king of innuendos come during an investigation at the Stone Lion Inn
    Zak: "Irene (A spirit said to haunt the inn), can you come over and play with my balls? (referring to two toy balls set up on the staircase)"
    (Aaron snorts, then Billy, Jay, and Aaron start snickering)
  • Ascended Fanboy: A couple of the current crew members and some special guests are this depending on the situation.
    • Dakota Laden, who first appeared in the Old Charleston Jail episode, is this for the crew, as he originally did parody videos of the show (which Zak made note of in his first appearance and also in the Gila County Courthouse and Jail), becoming a guest star for the Charleston Jail episode after his father won the GAC music video contest, and subsequently joined the crew as an additional cameraman, sometimes doing guest investigating with the crew.
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    • According to Zak in the Slaughter House episode, Post Malone is this, due to wanting to be a guest since Season 3 (well before Post became the mainstream musician that he is today).
  • Bizarro Episode: The 2015 episode "Demons in Seattle" is this. It is the only episode where the Ghost Adventures Crew express doubt in the place they're investigating in to be haunted, and for good reason. All the supposed "poltergeist activity" captured by the reporter is done off-screen.
    • The 2018 episode "Tintic Mining District" has this in the second half, where a tenant of one of the properties they investigated insisted on doing a ritual for them to summon the entities of the mansion, The GAC remain skeptical of his abilities, but they go through with it, and noticed a moth that flew through all the flames on the candles without being lit on fire, however, Jay immediately calls him out on messing up the ritual that he was performing because he missed some steps, however, they did capture an entity on the SLS camera next to the tenant after ending the ritual, followed by an EVP saying Zak's name, and followed by one of the most disturbing demonic screams they have ever captured, which promptly disturbed the woman that owned the mansion, and their guest investigator. The scream was enough to say that they don't want to go back in the house, especially since the ritual was done wrong, cause Zak and Jay stated before the ritual that if something goes wrong, they could be at severe risk.
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    • The 2018 episode "Terror in Fontana" is this to some extent, they were called because a family is being tormented by a demon, and it in particular attacks the eldest child, however, while they did notice he acts weird whenever his mother invokes Jesus' name, they feel that he is just acting up to get attention (which doesn't explain earlier incidents where he was thrown into a roof and back on the floor, getting a concussion, or being dragged out of the bed by the arm when his whole family is there, with camera proof, not to mention the random 666 they get out of a speak and say toy), or that he has a demonic infestation of some sort in his body. The crew, however, did get evidence of the mothers claim that her grandmother does haunt the house, when she tells them about the picture, and did capture evidence of activity in the kids room, corroborating that he has been the target of attack by this entity (seeing one of his dragon toys fly off his nightstand, and later discovering that one of the family cameras surveying the room gets pulled off its stand by an unseen entity.
  • Broken Base: A lot
    • Debate as to whether the series has been going downhill, or getting better. Most people say that they miss the earlier seasons (1-4) due to stronger locations, others say later seasons (13-14) due to compelling captures on equipment.
    • Nick is a point of debate among fans, some miss his investigation style, some wanted him to leave. And after he left, there are people saying he should come back, and others say he should stay with Destination America
      • Also on the topic is Billy and Jay vs. Nick as investigators, with both Billy and Jay being seen as the Scrappy duo after Nick left, or being a new breath due to their chemistry with Zak and Aaron.
    • The crews apparent favoritism to the west coast (mainly because Zak prefer's driving to the location). Some say they enjoy the locations because some of them are iconic, others feel that they are missing out on east coast / New England haunts (Nick being based in New England may have something to do with the crew not being in the area anymore), and few say they are sick of the west coast episodes in general.
    • The use of psychics in the show in particular episodes. Some feel Patti Negri is the worst thing to happen to the show whenever she makes an appearance, others feel that she is a legit psychic.. The Perry's are a subversion, as both sides enjoy their appearance, and are impressed with their findings without being told where they were going in the city.
    • The Skinwalker Canyon episode has proved to be very divisive within the Navajo community, with people in the Navajo Nation saying that the lady that did the warrior ritual with the crew did not live on the nation, and that the burned wood and animal skull was faked. Others in the nation believe that the lady used a different pseudonym and indeed lives on the nation, and that the burned wood and animal skull were legit.
      • What makes this one harder to prove is that IF it was faked by somebody, nobody would have proof because as stated by the interviewees, "Navajo's fear entering the canyon due to the possibility of encountering a skinwalker", and "non-Navajo are forbidden from entering ancient tribal land deemed sacred or cursed unless given permission"
  • Disproportionate Retribution: An Aftershocks about the Yorktown Hospital reveals that after the GAC investigated, some of the people around town were upset with the owner of the hospital for supposedly exploiting the ghosts, and in an act of revenge, one of them poisoned and killed his pet donkey, Spirit.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Quite a bit of episodes seem like this after the location they investigated that had a lot of activity gets destroyed or demolished soon after.
    • The Remington Arms Factory is being torn down by the City of Bridgeport due to safety hazards on the site. The Ghost Adventures Crew was the last team to investigate the premises
    • Subverted with the Linda Vista Hospital episodes, the hospital was bought in 2011, but renovations are being made to turn it into a senior apartments complex.
    • The Wolfe Manor is demolished as of November 2014 due to unsafe conditions that the owner could not repair on demand from the City of Clovis.
      • Although, given that the Wolfe Manor also featured on an episode of The Dead Files (referred to as an undisclosed location), where the team on the Dead Files were suspicious the owner intended to turn it into a haunted hotel attraction, which would be exploiting the dead. During their walkthrough, they received evidence that the dead of the building wanted the investigations to stop. Due to this, there might be a sense of relief that the dead may be able to rest now.
    • The old Fort Chaffee complex in Fort Smith, Arkansas was burned to the ground in 2012. The Ghost Adventures Crew was the last team to investigate the location.
    • Also subverted with Ashmore Estates in Ashmore, Illinois, despite massive damages done by tornados, the owners announced that the building will be repaired and renovations will be made to accommodate ghost hunting events.
    • Again subverted with the Riviera Hotel and Casino, as they were the only crew to investigate it, but the building is in preparation for demolition in 2015 due to filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy.
    • The Central Unit Prison in Sugar Land, Texas, is a subversion, as the Ghost Adventures Crew got permission to investigate immediately after the prison was closed down and being prepped for demolishing by the Texas Department of Justice
    • The Black Moon Manor is a notorious case of the Ghost Adventures Crew causing the demolition after the episode aired, when the owner of the property received a call from the descendants of the Eastes family that owned the home. Due to pressure of the City of Greenfield and the Eastes family descendents, the property was torn down.
    • Subverted with the Market Street Cinema in San Francisco, due to it closing its business and being prepped for demolition to be converted into a new office building
    • Any friendly interaction between Zak and Nick can come off as this when Nick abruptly left Ghost Adventures to his own show and giving fans a saddening vibe that he's no longer friends with Zak and Aaron.
      • To be fair though, during the drive to the Zozo Demon house in Oklahoma City (His last appearing episode in terms of time of filming) at the beginning of the episode, Nick did get extremely upset with Zak about doing another case with an Ouija Board, claiming he just got all the stuff from the Exorcist House in St. Louis out of his system. He was also the primary person, along with Darren Evans, using the Ouija board, so his leave, along with the birth of his daughter, is justified.
    • The Aftershocks specials also provide this, as Zak interviews people involved in previous investigations. No matter what closure may have come from the evidence they gathered, there is a trend that people involved have still have their lives irrevocably changed. And those are the ones with happy endings. In multiple cases, a interview subject reveals that they are almost addicted to a location, or are suffering adverse health effects.
    • Mark Constantino's interactions with his wife Debby in the Mustang Ranch episode, along with Debby's appearance (without Mark) in the Queen Mary episode is this when it was revealed on September 22, 2015 by a former roommate of the two that Mark had begun an abusive relationship with Debby, later taking her hostage and killing her and himself after their divorce a few weeks before September 22, 2015
      • Also adds to Debby's interactions with Mark, due to a news update on their deaths that the Reno Police Department has been called to their home 10 times, with Debby as the aggressor and Mark being the victim, which led to Mark's aggression that led to their divorce
  • Ho Yay: Accidental or unintentional, but hilarious nonetheless.
    • In one example, Zak is trying to find the source of a smell (they're in the dark with only night vision.)
    Zak: Aaron, come here. Turn around. *sniffs* No, it's not you...
    Aaron: Pfft, I smell pretty.
    • Another time, while Nick and Zak are walking around a snake-infested hillside:
    Zak: [if he gets bit by a rattlesnake] Will you suck the poison out of me?
    Nick: I don't want to suck anything out of you!
  • Iron Woobie: All three of them. Aaron in particular, for having to go through all of this, despite having these ghosts ruin his marriage.
  • Narm:
    • Any time Zak attempts to intimidate, enrage, or otherwise bully a ghost, it's Narmtastic.
    • Also, apparently every anomaly in photography, lighting, sound, or temperature is caused by a ghost. Every time it gets a little colder, the lights gets slightly blurry, they hear a noise, or see something (conveniently off-camera), they all freak out, run around, and scream. It's hilarious. You can't yell, "dude" over and over again and expect it to be taken seriously.
    • The Spin-Off series, Deadly Possessions. Expect Zak to give melodramatic speeches about everything while sitting in a poorly-lit room, talking about how dangerous his possessions are. (Which can be an Informed Attribute when nothing really happens.)
    • Zak’s narration somehow manages to sound melodramatically deadpan, which can be very silly-sounding and off-putting.
  • Narm Charm: The Gettysburg re-enactment with obviously-fake gunshots and Bloodless Carnage.
    • A large chunk of viewers watch the show solely for this reason.
  • Never Live It Down: While they were at the Ancient Ram Inn, Zak got confused and said he was touched by the incubus (a male demon), as opposed to the succubus (female demon). He's been repeatedly ribbed about this ever since.
    "I'm gonna put it between my legs cause I hear that's where the incubus likes it."
    • It kinda gives the word "ribbed" a whole new meaning.
    • It appears fans aren't gonna let Zak live down asking a spirit to "play with his balls" at the Stone Lion Inn (he was referring to small toy balls used as trigger objects for child spirits)
    • Zak touching Annabelle and flat out disrespecting the owner over touching it. Ya know? Annabelle, the creepy horrifying Rageddy Ann doll that the Warrens locked in a box?
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Recently, claims have come forward that areas the crew have investigated have, in fact, started to suffer worse hauntings since the episodes made about them.
  • Nightmare Fuel: has its own page
  • Tear Jerker: It was revealed by Aaron that after investigating Bobby Mackey's Music World, ghosts had followed the three of them home, and even led to the end of Aaron's marriage. The ghosts tormented his wife so much that even though they were best friends, they had to call it off. Goes with Kick the Dog on their third trip to Bobby Mackey's, the EVPs revealing the ghosts taunting Aaron.
    • At Gettysburg, they got an EVP of a young woman saying 'I'm pregnant.' The team believes it to be the spirit of Jennie Wade, the only civilian casualty of the battle. It adds another layer of tragedy to an already tragic event.
    • Zak's grandmother died while they were investigating the Winchester Mystery House. Made even worse in the ending with it highlighting a photo of Zak that he gave to his grandmother (Who never missed an episode of her grandson's show, mind you.).
    • When investigating Gary Galka's House, it's supposed to be a true tearjerker, including Gary and his wife crying through the interviews. (Though to be fair, it is about their deceased daughter that they are trying to find closure for)
    • During the "Aftershocks" episode about the Yorktown Hospital its revealed that Spirit (the donkey that scared the crap out of Zak when the GAC visited) was killed. What makes it worse is that Spirit's owner believes the killer is a living person and not a spirit; according to the owner there are people in town who feel he is taking advantage of the spirits in the hospital.
    • Nick's departure from the show. While many fans are happy for Nick to continue his own show, it gives a rather saddening vibe that Nick may not speak to Aaron or Zak anymore. It's even more uncomfortable when Zak didn't give Nick his regards for his departure and his new plans until hours later of his announcement. It also doesn't help that despite fan's theories of Nick's departure being because of his family, Nick confirmed through his Facebook that wasn't the case. More speculation came out when it was revealed Nick was fired due to doing his own shows behind the GAC's back (more in the fact that it wasn't a branch of the show to say the least) and breaking a contract. It hasn't helped that Zak's shown very big hostility towards Nick ever since, and even said in a now deleted tweet that just because one has a good work partnership doesn't mean they have a good friendship.
    • Both Mark and Debby's death is this due to being extremely influential in the paranormal community. Alongside laments from the Ghost Adventures Crew, other paranormal investigators that shared their sorrow for her death include Amy Bruni, Dave Schrader, and many others, including former GAC member Nick Groff.
    Aaron Goodwin on Facebook: "I'm so sad this happened. I don't even know what to say. I'm still in shock over it. Breaks my heart"
    Zak Bagans on Twitter: "a very tragic dark day. RIP @TheConstantinos"
    Billy Tolley on Twitter: "@TheConstantinos Heart broken right now. In shock."
    Jay Wasley on Twitter: "Life is precious & time is the most valuable thing we have. Hard to comprehend what happened today. Too sad to believe it... Love to u all."
    Dave Schrader on Twitter: "Sadly EVP specialists Mark & Debi Constantino are dead after Mark ended their lives... Stop hurting each other. Just stop... Please."
    Amy Bruni on Twitter via Twit Longer: "Horrified and saddened to hear the news about Mark and Debby Constantino. I have known them for years and worked with them often when I was still living in California. I can't begin to imagine what led up to this point, but my heart goes out to their families and friends... Debby, you were nothing but wonderful to me. I hate to think of you and your gifts snuffed out like this. xoxoxoxo"
    Nick Groff on Twitter: "This is such a terrible tragedy @TheConstantinos I'm deeply sadden."
    • During the 2018 return to the Washoe Club investigation, they identify an EVP with Debby’s voice. They are clearly shaken by this, hearing a friend on the other side.
    • The Crisis in Oakdale episode is arguably this for the crew and the interviewees, since a mother lost her kid to suicide, and said son happened to be a huge fan of Ghost Adventures. Even though the details on his suicide note which was read throughout the episode are not revealed, its clearly enough to make the crew tear up, and even get Chris Fleming to be unnerved at the situation. And then, her son actually comes through on the spirit box...
    Michael's Spirit: "Say Something"
    • Not to mention his mother requesting that he grab's Zak's ass just to show that he is present, which does happen in the episode immediately after the above voice.
  • Uncanny Valley: The Enchanted Forest theme park. Zak would agree.
  • What Could Have Been: According to Zak on Twitter, the GAC would love to investigate the New Mexico State Penitentiary outside of Santa Fe, but due to another paranormal show accidentally igniting a fire in the prison a few years back, no other teams have been granted permission to film inside the prison.
    • Back in Season 4, when they reinvestigated the Goldfield Hotel (due to the owner being there and granting them permission to reinvestigate), they were originally supposed to investigate another haunting relating to George Wingfield (The Nixon Building), while also investigating the local Santa Fe Saloon.
    • The GAC on Twitter have also stated before that they would like to do another live episode similar to the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum episode, but are not doing it in order to avoid another controversy similar to what Robert Bess caused after he faked getting an EMF detector smacked out of his hand by a spirit.
      • They did end up doing another one on request from the Travel Channel, however, this one had more issues and controversies caused on Travel Channel's part than the GAC's, mainly because of how much advertisement went to opening the Dybbuk Box in the Haunted Museum (which the GAC did not even go through with because of the dangers of it), people claiming Jay was manipulating the Ouija Board (which is possible if the subconscious was affecting it), the rabbi making a mistake in words saying that he didn't want to go "off-script" and said he had to look up what the Dybbuk Box is, (Addressed in a video by Zak where he and the rabbi talk about the incident and explain that he was told at the last second to be there, and was not told it was a live episode, and later reiterated that during his introduction, that he meant to say Dybbuk Box, cause as a Rabbi, he knew what a Dybbuk is, but not the Dybbuk Box), and the constant ads interfering with the airtime, despite being a live show (where potential evidence was cut off on the live tv airing but was still only seen by people who had access to the website to look at the cameras set up for the event). Zak went on in the video with the rabbi that most of the issues with the live episode are on the Travel Channel, due to not vetting all their guests properly and giving proper information on what is going on.
    • On the Aftershocks regarding the Ohio State Reformatory, Zak stated that DJ Fly was supposed to be the main guest for the segment, but due to him having a stroke on the way to the airport, he had to invite a friend of DJ's in his place while he recovered
    • A more downplayed example is during the "Return to Tombstone" episode, in which they were originally investigating Big Nose Kate's Saloon first then the Birdcage Theater, but due to a patron having a heart attack in Big Nose Kate's Saloon, the investigation order got reversed while paramedics were at the location.
    • Another downplayed example is during their "Exorcist House" episode, when Father Ashcraft (from the "Sedamsville Rectory" episode) was supposed to bless the house after the investigation, but had to be rushed to the emergency room during the drive from Cincinatti to St. Louis, cancelling the cleansing.
    • Originally during the "Hales Bar Marina and Dam" episode, they were going to include the nearby marina, but could not investigate it due to a tornado destroying most of it, leaving them with a full investigation of the dam.
    • Also a Tear Jerker due to what happened, but the Winchester Mystery House investigation got cut short after Zak had overwhelming feelings of dread and sadness, which was revealed to be his grandmothers death at the same time the investigation stopped
    • Sometime around the filming of the Los Coches Adobe episode, a Monterey Herald news article stated that Zak and the crew were granted permission to investigate the San Carlos Mission in Carmel, due to spirit activity relating to the canonization of Fr. Junipero Serra. The location was filmed, but no word on its official release, whether as a special episode similar to the Netherworld special, or a different kind of special.

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