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YMMV / George's Marvelous Medicine

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  • Nightmare Fuel: This line from Grandma at the end of the first chapter is enough to send a chill up anyone's spine: "It doesn't matter how far you run, you won't ever get away." This line would be right at home in a horror film.
    • More generally, Grandma being allowed to be left home alone with George. George's parents obviously have to go out, and he knows full well that every time they do and he can't, he will be left on his own with no one to keep him company but a grandmother who hates him, insults him at every opportunity, and has truly revolting eating habits, as she apparently likes eating insects. Poor kid.
  • The Woobie: George, and, to a lesser extent, his mother. George is routinely bullied and insulted by Grandma and has to be left alone with her a lot, and George's mother probably had to go through a whole childhood of it.

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