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YMMV / Genkaku Picasso

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  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • Manba asking Kotone out, Manba helping Kotone get over her doubts about their relationship.
      Kotone: I'll e-mail you all the time. And get all hysterical like this. And pout and cry all the time. And probably talk bad about girls I don't like. But you'll still like me?
      Manba: Yes... I'll still like you.
      Kotone: Say it... One more time.
      Manba: Ogura... I like you.
    • At the end of Hishida's chapter everyone in the class accepts her gender-identity, and apologises for how they treated her in class. Then they get the school to let her wear a female uniform.
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    • The end of the series... Picasso is alone in the drawing of his heart, and has to relieve the day that started the series, and face his heart without Chiaki's help. Outside, he's been missing for almost a day, and all the friends he's made over the course of the series search for him, and find him by the river. They try to help Picasso get out of the drawing, telling him they're his friends. Chiaki appears and says goodbye to Picasso, because he has friends now, she can leave him. He's reluctant to leave her, but he goes. Then he finally gets to see what she put in his pocket...
  • Ho Yay: Picasso and Sugiura are a minor example, but in the final volume Sugiura's disgusted reaction to Picasso's secret is enough to make Picasso depressed. Plus, Sugiura's whole reason for being upset is the fact that Picasso "invaded" him.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The ending. Sure it was a Happy Ending, but man, Picasso went through a lot.
    • When the note Chiaki gave Picasso turned out to be a hand-drawn picture of her with wings. Next to the picture, it reads "Picasso! Luv ya!"
      Picasso:I... I... I love you, too!
  • Values Dissonance: Considering how commonplace and accepted Yaoi Fangirls are now in fiction and Real Life, giving one a detailed Freudian Excuse for the way she is (as well as making her a Female Misogynist) just feels...odd.


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