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  • Broken Base: The premise of the series has proven quite divisive among the fanbase. Some anticipate the meeting of the classic characters with their current counterparts or the Legacy Characters who succeeded them, while others accuse Marvel of using Generations as a prop to shill the younger characters as "superior" to their predecessors. Though upon release it swung the other way with the Legacy Characters going on and on about how great the classics are, and how the new guys have a very long way to go to measure up.
    • The Americas: Nick Spencer seems to have gotten back on some people's good side with it after the shit show that was Secret Empire. But for others they just became more pissed off as seeing it as undermining Steve's character and making Sam Wilson a Soulful Black Man stereotype.
    • Logan's predicament in issue 3 proved quite divisive, with many Wolverine fans accusing Taylor of Character Shilling for X-23, since usually Logan slaughters Hand ninjas by the bucketful. Others argue the Hand was using exactly the right tactics to take him down, and argued that Logan bordered on Boring Invincible Hero when confronted with such numbers otherwise. His narration observing her efficiency and grace of movement didn't help matters for detractors, while defenders have pointed out that it had long been established that Laura's fighting style is much more surgical and precise than the more savage Logan.
  • Moment of Awesome: Issue 3 brings a couple:
    • Logan is about to be drowned by a swarm of Hand ninjas. A snikt rings out, and Laura leaps into the fray, slicing through the harpoons restraining him. Logan and Laura then team up to deliver an epic Curb-Stomp Battle on the Hand, as they demonstrates just how much carnage two Wolverines working together can unleash.
    • After falling out of an airliner and slamming into the concrete, Sabretooth is back on his feet and prepared to finish Laura off. Cue Logan leaping from the plane as it roars in a few dozen feet above the deck, claws flashing as he slams into his nemesis.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • The ending of issue 3 blends heartwarming and Tear Jerker to powerful effect, when in her final moments with Logan, Laura calls him "dad" for the first time.
    • In the Spider-Man Issue Miles goes back in time and meets Peter in his college days during which Peter was just coming off of saving Aunt Mays life. In the end Miles realizes just how much Peter is a role model for him to keep being Spider-Man no matter the struggle. Doubly so because Peter starts to become paranoid that Miles was sent to see him as an Cautionary tale, only for Miles to assure it was the opposite.
    Miles: Spider-Man is yours. You’re amazing to share it with me… you’re amazing to let me prove myself by your high standard… but even that is just about how amazing you are. Not how much I deserve it.
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  • Tear Jerker: Laura's parting words to Logan in issue 3, as she's about to be whisked back to her proper time after Logan invites her in to spend the evening with him and Amiko.
    Laura: I... No... I think I'm leaving. I think I'm going back. I don't want to leave. I miss you.
    Logan: It's OK. I can't wait to meet you, Laura.
    Laura: Goodbye, dad.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • The general premise of the series was Kobik rewarding the heroes who helped put an end to Stevil, despite the fact that many (such as X-23) played almost no actual role in defeating Hydra's regime in Secret Empire. This meant many of the one-shots lost some of their emotional impact and larger context.
    • Teen!Jean meeting Jean Grey was not well received because of this reason. Instead of meeting Jean who died accepting the Phoenix and becoming White Phoenix of the Crown, she meets Jean right before the Dark Phoenix Saga.
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    • Instead of meeting Tony Stark in his prime as Iron Man, Riri Williams instead meets an alternate future version of Tony who's Sorcerer Supreme. So it's less Ironheart meets the original Iron Man and more Ironheart meets Future Doctor Strange.

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