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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Because of the Gameplay and Story Segregation trope's effect in GRID 2, you can critically screw up the beginning race and due to the plot, still become an internet hit, with Patrick Callahan wanting to fund you. It's easy to interpret your internet display as a popular comedy video, with Callahan wanting to capitalize on your fame before you kill yourself out of humiliation.
  • Awesome Music: All installments of GRID series have some adrenaline-pumping soundtracks that play during replay mode and special orchestra versions for the important license races.
  • Broken Base: GRID Autosport. Was it a true-to-form return to the roots of the original GRID and a sign of Codies' "redemption" (that was fulfilled following the release of DiRT Rally), or a jaundiced attempt to Win Back the Crowd that got alienated with GRID 2? Debates are continuing.
  • Contested Sequel: On one hand, GRID 2 has improved graphics, where Color Wash and Real Is Brown is finally averted and the graphics held up well years after its release. There's also a lot more variety of racing modes. However, the controls have been tweaked to be more drifty reminiscent to arcadey drift-based games such as Ridge Racer, full cockpit view, race crews, and endurance mode is removed, and the career mode was changed from running between seasons to a standard "complete events to unlock the next events".
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  • First Installment Wins: It is pretty much agreed that the first GRID is better than GRID 2. Some do argue with Autosport being just as good as GRID 1, though. However not only there is still no pitstop (it was blocked when compared to real race tracks), but the returning cockpit view is blurry and far less detailed than the first GRID.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The arcade-ish handling in GRID 2 (specially when driving a "Balanced" or "Drift" type car), in which you're very likely to oversteer when dashing through a corner.
  • That One Boss: Ravenwest's Nathan McKane and Rick Scott. They're almost perfect with their cornering, acceleration, and they seem to be either in the pole position or in the middle in the start of each race. Regardless of difficultynote , if you make any apex mistakes such as improper cornering and slipping off the road or if you don't drive aggressively, 9 times out of 10 one of the Ravenwest members will overtake you or overtaking them for the first three positions will be almost impossible.
  • That One Level:
    • Circuit de la Sarthe from the "24 Hours of Le Mans event (a 12-15 minute endurance race)". You can do it in actual 24 hours if your bladder feels hardcore enough.
    • The Valvoline Trophy in GRID 1. Shibuya is already a difficult track, but restricting the entire GT2 pool to the difficult-to-handle Spyker C8 Spider...
    • The Advan Drift International event is definitely one of the hardest of the Drift events in the game; even in the cheap and easy to drive Toyota Corolla, going sideways at speed on a tight street circuit cleanly is not an easy task.
    • Shibuya in general is a very tough track in GRID 1; tight chicanes and hairpins, no run-offs, and roads only a few cars wide.
    • Okutama's short circuit in GRID 1 and Autosport is definitely not hard, but the Grand Circuit is quite a car-killer. To elaborate: The Grand Circuit goes up a narrow mountain road, with a nasty mix of fast blind corners, sudden and somewhat steep inclines, and bus stop chicanes that do nothing more than destroy cars if their line is poor. Hell, even Ravenwest has trouble navigating the mountain road part cleanly!
    • The one-on-one duels versus Ravenwest. Specially the final duel where it takes place in the infamous Circuit de la Sarthe mentioned above and the difficulty level is permanently set to "Extreme".
    • Midnight Touge events are much harder than the already challenging Pro Touge as it happens at night... with traffic to make things more difficult.
    • Hoo boy, the Milan street circuit in GRID 1 is a doozy. With narrow alleyways, blind corners, low road visibility, and sidekerbs that can throw your car off balance (or even flip it upside-down in some cases), this track is easily one of the hardest in the game. Thank goodness you don't race on this track a lot in the Career Mode, but when you do, don't be surprised if you end up rage quitting at least once or Save Scumming for a better starting position. This track's incredible difficulty is best exemplified when you race in it for the third race of the Global-level Open Wheel championship, the Philips World Championship, where you race on the full version of the circuit in the extremely quick but very fragile and difficult to control Dallara Formula 3.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: GRID 2. Poor, poor GRID 2. It has received a lot of flak from the beginning for of the absence of cockpit view, because, according to Codemasters, only 5 percent of the GRID players used it. Now that the game's out, the other major complaint is that the game feels more arcade-y than the first game, thus disappointing the fans that expected and preferred the handling of the original.


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