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YMMV / Frontier

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  • Awesome Music: The opening theme, which pairs epic First Nations chanting with driving rock guitar to absolutely badass effect.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Lord Archibald Benton is the governor of the Hudson Bay Company and seeks to dominate the fur trade. To this end, he arrests his predecessor on trumped-up charges and has him murdered before ruling the local town like a tyrant, antagonizing the local Cree peoples. Benton initiates a string of murders and torture to set the Lakewalker Cree against the French-Canadians in a war to wipe out or weaken them so he can take control of the trade. Upon capturing his arch-nemesis Declan Harp, whose family he tortured and killed, and is later revealed to have sold Harp's son into slavery, Benton tortures him, mocking him the whole while before attempting to have him executed. When his own superiors send soldiers to deal with him, Benton sequesters and attempts to starve them to death, showing his only allegiances are to his own ambition.
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    • Patrick O'Reilly is a snake who plays both sides of the conflict with the Hudson Bay Company and those who rebel against it. However, O'Reilly has found a lucrative business on the side: By kidnapping Native American women, O'Reilly has them starved, abused and tormented into converting to Christianity so he can sell them as wives, which was done to O'Reilly's own bride. Those who prove too troublesome are sold into brothels to be used as sex slaves, which triggers the sheer fury of the Cree warrior woman Sokanon to the point she refuses to lend her aid in the assault on Lord Benton unless her allies will consent to allow her to murder O'Reilly first.
  • Ho Yay: Samuel Grant's right hand man seems a little less than straight, and they share a lot of lingering glances... This goes way beyond subtext in season 2 when they're actually revealed to be in a secret homosexual relationship.


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