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YMMV / Frigid Wings and Burning Hearts

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: This Princess Luna is an artist and free spirit who dislikes nobility.
    • Plays a key role in-universe: the more politically-minded Celestia prefers living among her subjects as a guiding light. Luna sees this as stifling and fears her sister is abusing her powers as a goddess to forcefully rule over her subjects — a tyrant suppressing their growth and independence so that she can control them eternally.
    • However, trying to balance out the story ends up making Luna come off more as an It's All About Me Spoiled Brat. In-universe, Luna is starting to realize this might really be the case.
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    • Captain Braveheart comes off as pure evil for the reasons outlined below. Later chapters have delved into his motivations for this behavior to paint him as a Well-Intentioned Extremist, and insists he is a hero — at least, in the eyes of his soldiers.
    • Recently the author had one with the recent Hearth's Warming play, stating that the real history would have played out more like real life European Settlers and Native Americans, ignoring the fact that just would have resulted in Windigos showing up again.
    • The author's Fluttershy “really, really, really hates dragons”.
    • The Author himself; is he just a member of the New Lunar Republic and claims of being balance is a cover, or a true Celestia fan who's just too green a fanfic writer to show it?
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: When Luna kicks a punchbowl at Blueblood, we actually see things from the punchbowl's perspective.
  • Creator's Pet:
    • Despite being the antagonist, Captain Braveheart becomes this in later chapters, as the author has defended his callous behavior in his notes and dedicated Chapter 8 to trying to change the audience's perception of him (it didn't).
      • The Author "defends" Braveheart by not only calling Braveheart a hypocrite, but also describing him as a bully who insults and picks on others to feel better about himself. It would seem the author doesn't understand that these aren't sympathetic traits.
      • Braveheart has been given the better part of Chapter 8 as an effort to paint him as less than a total monster, with his squad mates coming to stop him from getting arrested.
      • Pinkie's only role in the story so far seems to be to provide a main character that doesn't completely hate him.
      • Chapters 11 and 12 have retconned Braveheart into a wise, merciful, and insightful leader who refrains from the use of excessive force, cares for the well-being of civilians, and respects the rights of the accused. He now also rejects the concept of revenge – the most notable change, as it was his primary motivation.
      • Chapter 13 is dedicated entirely to Braveheart's glorious battle against the dragon Ajax. The rest of the characters watch from the sidelines, alternating between marveling at his courage and skill, and being wracked with guilt due to the negative feelings they harbor towards him. He wields Celestia's own sword, being one of the few mortals ever to live capable of controlling its power. The Element of Loyalty around Dash's neck glows in reaction to him. The dragon eventually flees, but not before Braveheart has been mortally wounded. As he lies dying, all present gather around to eulogize his greatness and to reflect upon their own evils (which is to say, the things that have been blamed on them throughout the story). The pinnacle of it all comes when Applejack apologizes for wronging him. Despite the author's claim that he didn't intend Braveheart's death to be heroic, it's pretty hard to call it anything but a hero's send-off.
      • Celestia doesn't care in the slightest when Philomena dies. She doesn't hesitate to kill Ajax, whom she raised from an egg, and only mourns him briefly afterwards. Finding out that Braveheart is gone is finally more than she can bear.
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    • Big Macintosh is clearly the author's favorite canon character, with Chapter 3 effectively being a session of praise and worship for him. It verges on Ho Yay Perverse Sexual Lust at points.
    • Inverted with Celestia, who the author has claimed to be his favorite. She has not been seen (outside of flashbacks) since Chapter 1, leaving no defense for her actions or voice to tell her side of events. Her dragon, who calls out Luna's actions, is quickly pointed out by the author to be murderously insane. It's to the point where every single character who is clearly designated as “good” is opposed to Celestia in most every way. Made worse by the fact that the author's notes made Celestia out to be even more dictatorial than she appears within the text of the story itself.
  • Designated Hero: Luna is the central character, and as the story goes on and Celestia's absence gives her less and less opportunity to defend herself, Luna is given the majority of the story's favor. But she does almost nothing to deserve it. She spends her time complaining about her sister, whining about her current state, and waiting for everyone else to do things for her. It's made clear that she really doesn't care about anyone but herself - regardless of how well she thought Equestria could handle itself in the Princesses's absence, it's made clear in the flashback to her banishment that the real reason she wanted them to leave is entirely because she was tired of being there, and everypony else could go hang. Chapter Four shows her using classical brainwashing techniques to get Twilight Sparkle onto her side (specifically, the "flipping the box" method).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The show has not been kind to the stories' ideals of how Luna and Celestia act.
    • Chapter 4: Angel Bunny repeatedly slaps and pinches Fluttershy. Readers didn't react. When this happened in the show...
    • Season 2 shows that 95% of the things that really threaten the lands are things that can't be harmed/beaten by blunt force, making the recruiting Aesop about ponies like Braveheart being needed kinda silly.
    • Chapters 4 and 5: Twilight Sparkle repeatedly describes Lightning Strike as being the closest thing she's ever had to a big brother. Um, Twilight, Shining Armor might have something to say about that...
      • Speaking of Armor, Cadance would really like to hear how the nobles aren't related to the princesses.
    • In a meta way, the writer, back when it just started, would go on rants about how his version of Luna is better than others because she doesn't whine, act sorry for herself or beg Celestia for forgiveness. Minus the last part that sums up what his Luna becomes.
  • Idiot Plot: Celestia's historical revision relied on Luna never reading any accounts of her banishment, nobody ever talking about Nightmare Moon again, and Luna never noticing the castle's tapestries and stained glass windows portraying the falsified version of events. It took her a year to figure it out.
    • And when she does find it out, she takes the words of Prince Blueblood - whom everyone sitting around treats with utter disdain and who even she automatically marks as a self-important, uneducated dolt, and who she just humiliated and scalded, and who is clearly furious - at face value. To repeat: the entire story is balanced on Luna accepting that Celestia painted her as a monster for no reason other than power just because a pissed-off douchebag called her names.
    • Given the author's previous attempts at squaring the fic with canon, it would probably be entertaining to see the rationale used to justify Luna's participation in the Halloween-analogue built around Nightmare Moon.
      • As of his reediting Nightmare Night is never mentioned, and even if it was, Luna would have just used it to bash Celestia anyway.
    • Speaking of face value, most of the mane six side with Luna base solely on her words.
      • And when it comes to the lone hold-out, Applejack? The impetus to her switching loyalties is losing her hat.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Played with in that Luna believes her sister has crossed the line with her lies and manipulations, thinking that she did it all to establish herself as a tyrant. Thanks to Celestia's 'enhanced' legends of Nightmare Moon, meanwhile, the public thinks Luna has crossed it — if not long ago, then by making her sister vanish after their argument at the Grand Galloping Gala.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Despite the author's claims otherwise, this is one of the earliest and most vicious "Evil Celestia" fics.
    • Prince Blueblood only appears so that the author can paint him as a total asshole who abuses any tiny amount of power he can get. In canon, he's egotistical and cowardly, but not nearly to the degree Grey Prophet sets him up here. It's like he was desperate to find somepony the audience could hate more than Braveheart.
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: When it started, the central idea of this story was rather new and interesting. However, over time, the fandom started seeing Celestia as the more sympathetic of the two sisters. Now this is just another "Celestia is evil" story among many.
    • Speaking of which, this version of Luna was once praised for being so different from other fandom versions, but now she's a borderline Scrappy.
    • Thankfully the basic ideals of the story have been done better in other fanfics.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Almost every single comment Blueblood makes about Braveheart's activities and personality in Chapter 8 are on-target, but we're supposed to consider this an unfair haranguing simply because it's Blueblood.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Luna having difficulty reconnecting with Celestia because she fears her sister may be abusing their station, showing how fear and good intentions can lead one to leaping to all the wrong conclusions? Sounds promising, until it gets stifled by everypony falling out of character.
  • Wangst: 90% of Luna's dialogue is her bitching about Celestia or Celestia's way of running things.


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