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YMMV / Friendship is Empathy

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  • Informed Wrongness: When Twilight tries to tell Rainbow Dash how out of control she was during "The Mysterious Mare Do Well", Rainbow cuts her off and reminds her of the Smarty Pants incident, making the point that at least she didn't try to create a crisis to solve. A valid counter-argument, but it does come across to some as the author trying to gloss over the fact that Rainbow Dash repeatedly endangered lives through her recklessness, since neither Twilight nor Applejack are given an opportunity to point this out.
    • Rainbow blames Applejack's bragging about winning their horseshoes game for their problems in the Running of the Leaves, ignoring how her brazen cheating was what sent things out of control. Applejack's reaction suggests she wants to point this out, but knows Rainbow needs to just vent.

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