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  • Complete Monster: This default setting of Mutants & Masterminds is home to some fairly repellent villains, but none quite as bad as this duo:
    • Wilhelm Kantor, aka Overshadow, is a Nazi war criminal and Evil Sorcerer turned international terrorist. As a member of the SS and the Thule Society, Kantor learned that he was the reincarnation of Tan-Aktor, a Treacherous Advisor to the Egyptian Pharoah Heru-Ra. Sacrificing twelve of his men, Kantor regained his past memories and powers, then went onto become the true mastermind behind the Nazi Ubersoldaten program. When Schwartzpanzer was crippled in combat, Kantor sacrificed him to increase the power of his own personal assassin, Nacht-Krieger; when the war ended Kantor would use the ritual suicides of his SS and Thule Society colleagues to further empower himself and Nacht-Krieger. Kantor went onto kill almost the entire roster of the Allies of Freedom, left Nacht-Krieger to take the fall, and set up the terrorist group SHADOW. He has since attacked world capitals with armies of clones, tried to get the USA and USSR to nuke one another, poisoned municipal water supplies, and attempted to use Omega's power to take control of space/time. In the meantime, he has kept himself alive, first by bodyjacking clones of himself, and later trying to take over the body of his own son, Ragnarok. Evil on both a grand scale and a petty one—once using a terrorist attack just to ruin an enemy's retirement party—and with a bad habit of throwing his "friends" under the bus when it suits him, Kantor is out only for himself, and is as bad as even a Nazi can get.
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    • Omega, once the heroic king of the first race of mortals, realised that entropy was going to destroy the multiverse, and decided that he wanted to be on the winning side. Turning on Unus The Creator, Omega stole the Doom-Coil, the very device Unus had designed to fight against entropy, and reprogrammed it to spread entropy, feeding his own universe into it as fuel. In the process he defeated Unus, slew most of the other gods, and completely surrendered to his own hatred. Omega now travels universe to universe, corrupting and recruiting the greatest heroes of each 'verse into his army, before annihilating their home dimensions. He transformed the greatest physician of one universe into the sadistic Friendly; promised to spare another hero's people only to turn them into mindless drones; and not only destroyed The Centurion's homeworld, but then tracked him to Earth-Prime, killing him and nearly wiping out Freedom City in the process. Concerned only with expanding his own dead realm, the so-called Terminus, Omega's goal in the extinction of all life across the multiverse.
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  • Magnificent Bastard: August Tiberius Roman is the game’s Lex Luthor analogue, and the archenemy of the late Centurion, the setting’s greatest and most powerful superhero. Starting out as Freedom City’s most feared mafia don, Roman bought a pardon from the US government in 1943, and went onto frustrate the Centurion and the Freedom League for decades to come, first as the secret financial backer of the Crime League, and then as the city’s “Emperor of Crime.” By the 1950s and 60s, Roman controlled almost every mafioso, gangster, and street criminal in Freedom City, and was receiving a cut of near every crime committed in town, with only truly depraved organizations like Alister Usher’s falling outside his purview. This culminated in his outright buying Mayor Franklin Pierce in the 90s, and running the city in everything but name. When Pierce was brought down, he tried to take Roman with him, but the mafioso simply divested his underworld holdings and survived, broke, but free. Now retired, Roman has outlived all his allies and most of his enemies, including the Centurion, and supports himself in his old age by running the Circuit-Maximus, an illegal underground fight club featuring superhumans. No longer an active participant in most of the city’s criminal life, the elderly Roman is still a figure to be feared, and one that no hero or villain in their right mind aims to cross.
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  • Squick: Amply provided by Alister Usher, a cadaverous man with necrotic skin who fed his father's corpse to his dogs and was in an incestuous relationship with all of his sisters. And oh yeah, provided most of Freedom City's child prostitutes and mind melting drugs.

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