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  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: All of the characters in this film are criminals. Some may be more sympathetic than others, but for the most part, none of them are particularly likeable (with the possible exceptions being Chris and Ord). This can make it hard for audience members to be engaged in the film by the time the shooting begins, given how so few characters are sympathetic.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Anyone not named Chris or Ord. They all may be horrible assholes and criminals but considering they're all getting shot, beaten, blown away, burnt or slowly bleeding to death in an abandoned warehouse it's hard not to feel a little sorry for them. Special mention goes to:
    • Stevo. The guy is a complete jerk and loses a ton of sympathy for sexually assaulting Harry's cousin and even taunts and brags to him about it when being told to apologize but he's loyal to both Chris and Frank and after seeing him get shot at by Harry and company, suffer from many bullet wounds, losing his friend Bernie, constantly drifting in and out of consciousness from said injuries, and eventually suffering a well deserved yet still horrible death by getting his head crushed by a van tire it's hard not to feel a small amount of pity for him.
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    • Harry. Sure he is a jerkass to almost everyone, especially to Stevo and eventually causes the entire firefight by shooting at him. But can you really blame him for it after he found out that Stevo sexually assaulted his cousin? Also, like everyone else he suffers from multiple wounds and injuries and while he manages to kill Stevo and avenge his cousin, he himself dies in agony after being shot in the butt with the bullet exiting through his brain. Even Ord felt sorry for him after his death.
    • Vernon. He is one hell of a bad boss at the arms exchange and shot Justine in the back as well as being a self-centred coward. However, when Stevo and Harry start fighting not only does he try to figure out what's happening but is also trying to defuse the situation; when the first shot is fired, he is distinctly the only person on his side who doesn't attempt to run or hide. Also after suffering many wounds he is horrifically burned in a trap set up by Frank and even though he manages to kill him it's hard not to pity him during that state as it looks like he's resigned to his fate and when Chris finds him he tries to talk things down with him before being killed.
  • Squick:
    • There's nasty bullet wounds galore, but still nothing tops Frank accidentally putting his hand down on a dirty heroin needle.
    • We get a very graphic view of Vernon's nose getting obliterated when he finally gets a bullet in the head.
    • Also, although the result isn't shown, Harry's sudden observation of Martin's body is up there:
    Harry: Huh. So that's what a brain looks like.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • Even going beyond the Stupid Crooks entry, Bernie considering oven mitts to be "work gloves" is just dumb.
    • Vernon tells two members of the IRA to be more like the English.
  • The Woobie: Chris and Ord. The only two remotely likeable and sympathetic characters in the whole film are professional, moral and sane individuals (despite being a terrorist and an arms dealer respectively) but while Ord tries his hardest to make the deal happen he is eventually forced to fight his way out (and until he's constantly injured he's the only one that knows how) and gets killed by Justine right when he gets the money while Chris gets shot by Justine, witnessing Ord's death in the process and not only sincerely regrets not knowing Justine in better circumstances but he slowly dies of his wounds possibly without knowing that Justine was one of the traitors who was planning to kill everyone.


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