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  • Fandom Rivalry: The Darker and Edgier Ehlinger-Whalen adaptation versus the Lighter and Softer Travis-Caplan adaptation.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The main character is named A. Square, because that's the shape that the character has. However, once one realizes that the author's name is Edwin Abbot Abbot, which for the mathematical types can be represented as Abbot Squared, then it becomes a sly self-reference.
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  • Misaimed Fandom: Satire of Victorian classism and sexism? Most come to it because of its depiction of higher dimensions.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Much of the imagery in Flatland: The Film is absolutely terrifying, despite the fact that many of the characters are shapes. There's a surprising amount of blood and gore in the film, which definitely isn't helped by the fact that you can see the characters' insides for the whole film, which are depicted as actual guts and intestines. The worst part is near the end when A Square's insides start to collapse in on itself due to gravity.
  • The Scrappy: The title cards in Flatland: The Film that constantly interrupt the story to deliver exposition, often doing so in an annoyingly condescending manner. Quite a few critical reviews claim that the Narration single handedly ruined the entire film for them.
  • Values Dissonance:
    • A 3-D sphere tells the hero, a 2-D square, that in his world, men and women are equals. The square finds this unbelievable. The author might have been hinting that in a more advanced world, the sexes would in fact be more equal than in his time.
    • The epilogue in later editions of the book would seem to indicate that people found it sexist at the time.
    • As well, later editions rewrote it so that the square admits how bad women have it, noting that the only "consolation" is that they can't remember all the injustices they suffer.
    • We might be dealing with an Unreliable Narrator as to how poor women's memories are. The square's wife comes across as sort of, well, ditzy, but she seems to remember things longer than he claims women do. (He does say she's smarter than most, but if women generally were as dumb as he claimed, they'd never remember where they lived or that they had families if they left the house. Or all the laws they have to follow).
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  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Despite being an animated film about geometric shapes, Flatland: The Film deals with incredibly mature themes and packs in a lot of gore and horrifying imagery. Despite this, it often gets confused with the much more family-friendly Flatland: The Movie resulting in many kids having watched and been traumatized by the film.

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