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  • Author's Saving Throw: The story follows up on the The Flash: Rebirth's Reverse-Flash team-up tease at long last, something that had been a sticking point for many readers.
    • Part 3 actually provides a big one for the bellow-stated issues. Rather than continue their fighting into a full-scale war, Barry ends up admitting to all that he's guilty of (not just the below-listed stuff, but also how he's known about the trapped speedsters but didn't tell Wally so he could investigate it with Batman, something both have put off for other things), and offers to help Wally find his kids. Wally's strategy doesn't involve breaking the Speed Force, but rather breaking into it, something Barry assists him with and, while it turns out Hunter was manipulating them, Barry's disgust is firmly with Hunter, not Wally.
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    • For anyone concerned that DC would dismiss history for the sake of Character Shilling Barry, it turns out that Wally is the faster of the Flashes, so much so that, while Barry can keep up for most of it, once they start to break through the Speed Force barrier, Barry can't keep up with him.
    • Some were worried that the story would play out similar to The Button, with only a light tease of a returning speedster before they were shuffled off for another story. Bart Allen actually does fully return in the story.
    • The way Bart Allen's return is handled, by him having been trapped in the Speed Force as well, pleased fans on the grounds it confirmed he was missing ever since the New 52 began and thus solidifying him as a totally separate character from Bar Torr (the much loathed Replacement Scrappy for Bart created during Scott Lobdell's Teen Titans and who was first introduced under the name "Bart Allen").
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  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: After it became clear the story's main purpose was to set up Wally as the perpetrator/scapegoat of Heroes in Crisis it made it incredibly difficult for fans to care about anything that happened in this story beyond Bart Allen coming back.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The entire storyline and all the promotion it got suffers from this pretty badly when it became clear this was all just an excuse to ship Wally off to Sanctuary and have him accidentally responsible for murdering dozens of people in Heroes in Crisis. It's especially horrible because Heroes in Crisis would use his newly rediscovered memories of the twins and Linda's continued absence in Wally's life as the cause of Wally's breakdown, which eventually leads him to accidentally killing the other heroes at Sanctuary. The fact Heroes in Crisis ignores everything else established in this story beyond him going to Sanctuary just adds salt to the wound, this includes retconning when Wally 'remembered' the twins and completely ignoring that they are established to possibly be alive somewhere, which raises the question of why they even bothered with Flash War.
    • Iris and Jai being alive somewhere is a lot harsher after Heroes in Crisis. Chances are, if they're ever found, it will be years after this story, as Wally isn't likely to be in any position to look for them, and Barry almost certainly isn't gonna find them, or likely even look. And Linda doesn't even remember them, and almost certainly won't.
  • Jerkass Woobie: The 'Jerkass' part is entirely up for debate, but Wally is the aggressor in the fight, threatening Barry because he's getting in his way and fighting to do something incredibly risky at a less-than-trustworthy former villain's say-so. However, he's doing this to save his children who are trapped in the same Speed Force limbo he was stuck in, as well as the other speedsters stuck inside, and this is after the Trauma Conga Line he's been on since Flashpoint sent him into the Speed Force in the first place.
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  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Hunter going from mentally disturbed Anti-Villain with unique and terrifying Time Master powers to a knowingly antagonistic Manipulative Bastard with a completely different power set has upset some of his fans.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Part 3 ends with the reveal that the titular 'Flash War' is not Barry vs Wally, but Barry and Wally vs Hunter, who dons Barry's original Flash suit and christens himself the real Fastest Man Alive. While this still fits the title of the story, and serves as a big misdirection that also avoids all the potential worries fans might have had, but it also means that the billed premise is a complete lie. One could argue this wastes the potential for a 'true' Barry vs Wally conflict.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Wally West comes across as this, since the writer really tries to portray Wally being clearly on the wrong side per stated above — and in general portrays him as irrational and just randomly dickish in this story, even before his kids are brought into things. With a mix of how Barry is portrayed, Wally has become the Audience Surrogate character for the fans who are beyond exasperated by the erasure of the Flash Family and how the Speed Force has been abused as a plot point for the last decade. Some fans are genuinely rooting for Wally to destroy Speed Force if that means the return of Wally's older stories and the beloved missing characters.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Barry, on the grounds that he is technically the one responsible for why the rest of the Flash Family are gone when he caused Flashpoint and left the DC Universe open for Doctor Manhattan to mutilate, with the way he's trying to stop Wally from saving Iris and Jai being entirely too hypocritical given how obsessed he was with saving his mom (although he does make a completely understandable point that Hunter Zolomon may just be manipulating Wally to drive them apart).


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