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YMMV / Fire with Fire

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  • Complete Monster: David Hagan is a vicious neo-Nazi gang leader who promotes murder as a way to get into his brotherhood, and makes a specialty out of murdering the loved ones of those who get on his bad side. Having previously claimed both Lt. Mike Celia's partner and the partner's wife after a failed attempt to capture him, Hagan opens up the film murdering the teenage son of a store clerk and then shooting the clerk dead while he's begging his son to get up. Once the sole witness of this crime, Jeremy Coleman, agrees to testify against him, Hagan orders a hit on Jeremy and his fiancée and threatens to murder everyone close to both Jeremy and his fiancée. He utterly ruins their lives before trying to kill them, proving his point by violently beating Jeremy's best friend to near-death with a baseball bat. A ruthless sociopath, Hagan murders everyone who crosses him, alongside anyone they consider precious to them, and utterly delights in terrorizing anyone who stands against him.

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