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YMMV / Final Night

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  • Tear Jerker: The death of Hal Jordan, the long standing Silver Age Green Lantern who had fallen from grace and turned into the genocidal mad man anti-hero Parallax, instigator of the Zero Hour event, and the scenes of Hal visiting the most important people in his life - back up Lanterns Guy Gardner and John Stewart, former boss and long time love interest Carol Ferris AKA: Star Sapphire, and visiting the grave of his other superhero BFF Oliver Queen/Green Arrow - and trying to make sense of how his life went off the rails so badly, before making his Heroic Sacrifice to save the world, are all incredibly sad. Even fans who don't like Hal would be hard pressed not to feel bad for him in these scenes - especially his farewell to Carol before he goes off to what they both know will probably be his death.

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