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YMMV / Final Fantasy VIII The Altimate Rewrite

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Rinoa in this rewrite, on her actions alone, basically comes off as being a manipulative, uncaring, selfish brat who does whatever she wants to get whomever she wants to do, including Thay. From the very beginning, she sees him as nothing more then the "most qualified" man to be with a woman of her position, basically treating him akin to a pet or a trophy husband.
  • Narm: Thay referring to Rinoa, periodically, as "Love", or "Beloved". He gets extremely sappy at points, most notably during her coma in disc 3. Their romance is otherwise generally well-written.
    • Depending on your viewpoint, the sequences in which Thay (and others) sing blatantly shoehorned songs can be seen as this, or Narm Charm. Either way, they tend to feel like they were forced in to play up the "epic" factor and shove the writer's taste down the reader's throat.


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