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YMMV / Fighting EX Layer

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  • Ear Worm: The game's soundtrack in general. In fact, there are two separate soundtracks that can be selected, one specific to this game, and the other (Extra) being a mix of songs from EX and Fighting Layer (despite the current lack of characters from that game if one discounts Allen and Blair).
  • Memetic Mutation:
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  • Moe: The calm, borderline stoic Lady of War Hokuto is seen as such, largely thanks to her character art depicting her as more youthful than her appearances in the Street Fighter EX series. As it turns out, this is partially because "Hokuto" is actually her younger sister Nanase (who arguably already fit the bill back in the EX days), with Sanane merely being Nanase's Identical Stranger from a branch family of their clan who was implanted with Nanase's memories.
  • Tainted by the Preview: While the pre-release buzz for Fighting EX Layer was predominantly positive, the stark similarities between this game's Gougi System and the Gems of the ill-fated Street Fighter X Tekken led to more than a few fans calling for the mechanic to not be a mandatory feature like the Gems were (either by allowing players to toggle the Gougi decks on and off or making it its own separate mode), citing the Gems' questionable implementation in SFxT as one of several factors that led to the crossover's quick downfall. While it is impossible to fight without the Gougi System in the final release, the Gougi decks were ultimately deemed to not be as balance-breaking as many feared note , with a very simple and easily comprehensible method of deck selection. That the light version's default five decks aren't terribly underpowered compared to the additional ten accessible in the standard version note  is likewise seen an improvement over SFxT, where complaints abounded over some of the DLC Gems due to how superior they were when stacked against the base game's selection.

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