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YMMV / Fernando Poe Jr

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  • Narm Charm: His movies, if you're not Filipino or didn't grow up with them.
  • Memetic Badass: The perennial example for Philippine cinema.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • When FPJ's character kills his target in Gawa Na Ang Bala Na Papatay Sa 'Iyo, the actor, Subas Herrerro, is replaced by a wax dummy.
    • Ditto for Paquito Diaz's character in Pagbabalik ng Probinsyano when he gets blown up by a spear with a pack of dynamite stuck to it.
    • The true form of Lizardo's Wicked Witch henchwoman, Brunhilda, in Ang Pagbabalik ng Panday (The Return of the Blacksmith), has the actress wear an uncovincing mask, complete with big witch nose and lumps, made out of what appears to be rubber.
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    • Max Alvarado's wax dummy in Ang Panday: Ang Ikatlong Yugto (The Blacksmith: The Third Chapter).
    • The alien cyborgs in Ang Panday: Ang Ikaapat ng Aklat (The Blacksmith: The Fourth Book) are played by actors in costumes roughly equal in quality to that of the The Fourth Doctor's Cybermen.
    • The monster costume in FPJ's sole Kaiju movie, Anak ng Bulkan (Child of The Volcano) which border on Nightmare Fuel.
  • Values Dissonance:
    • Ang Padrino, with FPJ as an urban philanthropist, while meaning well, might be this to modern audiences since the term "padrino", or "patron" is more associated these days with the "padrino system", or how Filipino politicians call in favors and pull strings to manipulate the political system for their personal gain.
    • FPJ's vigilante Cowboy Cop characters executing street justice can be a bit off-putting especially in light of Rodrigo Duterte's hardline stance on crime.

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