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YMMV / Ferals

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The comics:

  • Complete Monster: Rikkard serves as the most prominent villain in this comic, and stands out as the most wicked by far. Though Ferals have a habit of killing innocents in rage or lust-filled insanity, Rikkard is one of the few who has near complete control of his impulses, yet still fully indulges in evil and cruelty unseen by any other Ferals. Along with being a Serial Killer with a knack for ripping off dozens of victims' heads, Rikkard kidnaps dozens of male humans, including a school bus of teens, then forcibly infects them with the Feral disease, turning them into savage werewolves under his thrall. Rikkard then blackmails his fellow societal Ferals, all disgusted by his depravity, into regularly supplying him with innocents for him and his pack to murder, and later leads the wholesale slaughter of an entire town, raping, butchering, and eating every man, woman, and child there, amounting to over 3,500 victims. In the end, after his personal harem, whom he views as property to use and abuse as he likes, is wiped out by Dale Chestnutt, Rikkard massacres an entire squadron of army soldiers, guts Dale's girlfriend Pia, then tries to restart his Feral harem and army before being driven off by other Ferals for his crimes. Standing out even among the numerous other vicious Ferals for his wanton sadism and heinousness, Rikkard cared for no man, or Feral, but himself, valuing his image of power and control above all else.