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  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In the second episode regarding 3PAC, Weasel makes a joke that 3PAC is dead in the music video. A few months later, 3PAC died for real. Weasel took note of this.
    • In the same video, Weasel makes a joke on how 3PAC and another woman (revealed to be a close friend of 3PAC) flailing their arms while on their back makes it look like 3PAC's mom is teaching him how to swim before getting into the pool. 3PAC suffered a heart attack during a water polo training session which would later lead to his death.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In Weasel's second video on MonkeyGamerGuides (and the second episode in general), Weasel mentions that all he could find on the PS2God (whom MGG claims to have "went to war" with) was that he was a former Youtuber who left the website after his videos recieved numerous false flags from someone who wasn't MGG. Weasel then goes on to mentions that false DMCA notices are a crime. Guess what major dilemma YouTubers have been facing for a long while now?
    • In a related example, in Weasel's first video on Coppercab, Coppercab brags about how he has friends who can supposedly silence those who oppose him. If Weasel made that video today, he would likely take him a lot more seriously, what with the outbreak of YouTubers having videos criticising them taken down with horrifying ease. Granted Coppercab wouldn't need to claim to have friends to silence people for him since he could just do it himself.
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  • Heartwarming Moments: His reason for delaying his last feeding of James the Preacher is due to not wanting the video to be Too Soon after the recent tragedy related to it (a school shooting).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: More than a few people pointed out that xXTheAmazingMasterOfSwagXx's voice modulation program was the same used in the infamous Bonzi Buddy program.
  • Moral Event Horizon: James the Preacher subverts this in probably the most horrifying way possible.
    • In Weasel's last episode on him, Weasel explains that in the original version of his Feeding, the episode ended with him walking out of the room in disgust after James's comment blaming the Sandy Hook shootings for the victim's mothers not staying at home. Subverted when Weasel realizes that it isn't too far off from what James usually says. The horrifying part about it is that it raises the question that, if the one thing that threw Weasel over the edge isn't much worse than what James usually says, was James ever even out of the event horizon to begin with?
  • Nightmare Fuel: The ending to 50 Ways Trees Affect Society Part II. Jesus. H. Christ.
    • Peckcella Von Peter also qualifies in universe (and possibly out of it too).
    • Weasel, in his search for material, came across a Youtube channel where two of the only three videos present are of the uploader's father shooting a dog dead...then asking for likes in the title.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: His episodes on James The Preacher, Caiden Cowger, ConservativeElite, Apologetics, Irwin Baxter, and Steven Anderson.
    • Adding onto that, the ending to the last James The Preacher episode is one as it discusses how one should really deal with people like James The Preacher: Ignore him, since anything you do will just feed into his delusions and embolden him
    • The Paul Joseph Watson episode goes to lengths about how it doesn't matter if you hadn't gone through any hardships throughout your life, since much like how even the most fit athletes can have heart attacks or the most dedicated vegans can contract diabetes, you are still liable to develop depression regardless of how happy your existence has been from an outside view.
  • Special Effect Failure: Weasel's eyes are the same color as the green screen, which causes his eye color to change depending on what background is being used. Considering the regular Feeding the Trolls backgrounds usually have fire in them, this can lead to some interesting results.
    • The scoreboard in 50 Shades of Stupid runs into this a few times. There are at least two instances where the scores aren't displayed and when Weasel shows the source article for example 38, the scores are accidentally overlaid onto the article.
    • In the Lord Steven Christ feeding, Nassuman's green shirt becomes transparent as a result of the green screen.
  • Tear Jerker: Appears to be tragically averted with Nassuman moving to Florida, effectively leaving the show. There are virtually no comments showing sadness about Nassuman leaving or even acknowledging it, despite it being revealed at the end of the first Tai Lopez episode, Weasel doing one last co-op episode with Nassuman because of him moving while referencing it throughout, and the end of his 2015 Halloween special including Weasel somberly staring out of his door, wishing Nassuman good luck in Florida.note 
    • It probably doesn't help that he's still incorporating Nassuman into the show with his helmet, which he left for Weasel.
    • His response to the #ChangeTheChannel controversy. His intro explains how back in high school, he was a huge fan of Channel Awesome and the Nostalgia Critic, and cited them as his main inspiration for creating content with some vague hopes of joining the ranks one day. As he reads the response to the Not So Awesome document, Weasel verbally hopes that Doug Walker had nothing to do with it and expresses relief that he never joined and stayed out of the ensuing shitstorm. It's like Weasel is on the verge of seeing CA and Walker as Broken Pedestals, but is vainly clinging onto any trace of faith he has left on the site.

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