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  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Heath is an alcoholic and rude wanderer who has little friends; however, he was actually a Family Man with a decent personality. This all changed when he lost his son, father, and friends when Tetaldians and Dressite ( who were mistakenly assumed to be an invader rather than an ally) invaded Earth. This is not mentioning the fallout between him and his wife—Charlotte— after he unwittingly blew up Dressite homeworld along with uncountable numbers of women and children.
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    • Andi became this after she was tortured by the surviving Dressite who found her as a guilty party to Heath's war crime. The combination of such afflictions, being placed inside a suit filled with a corrosive substance along with life support apparatus to keep her alive, and abandonment issue made her into a jaded and vengeful soldier compared to her jovial side back on Earth.
    • To an extent, Mara had suffered in her childhood when she lost her brother during the invasion and later her parents to a group of carnivorous aliens respectively after being sold out by a human criminal named Levi. While her actions in selling out Earth to Dressite was questionable, Mara was still holding vengeance towards Levi to the point that she was willing to accept Dressite's deal in exchange for his location just to murder him for her ordeal.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • Mara sells out Earth to the Dressites just for a chance to kill someone who wronged her in the past bigtime (being sold to carnivorous aliens who ate her parents before being rescued by Dressite), then when she runs into him, while being outclassed, fires at him anyway, dooming half the team. Still manages to get into his ship but dies before she can kill him. Heath even called her out for relatively petty reasons for the betrayal and deliberately distracted Mara long enough for her to get shot.
    • United Systems basically doomed Dressite's home planet due to sending their military force, who were resented and bitter by their own citizens that they vent out their frustrations on Earth that they were supposed to defend against Tetaldian, without any form of liaison to clear things with humans. As a result, Dressite Peacekeepers' callous attitude towards collateral damage and lack of any diplomatic gestures towards the humans resulted in an uprising that led Heath to commit a massive genocide on their home planet.

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