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  • Broken Base: There are still a ton of disagreements of whether you have to use MIDIs or CD Tracks for full gameplay atmosphere effect.
  • Game-Breaker: Coincidentally, the Hi-Speed cheat car is capable of eliminating every AI car in under 2 minutes on Bonus Race 4 (regardless of damage scale and difficulty - this can even be done on DEATH, even when other cheat cars are useless) due to the cheat function of it being usable even when the car itself has been destroyed. Cars that are exploding are still solid, and they stay until their speed hits 0 KMH/MPH.
    • Out of the standard 8 cars, It's typically a tie between Global's cars and the Reise Wagons, as both will almost always end up in the top 4. They are also the teams that tailgate other cars frequently, resulting in them accumulating kills fast.
  • Good Bad Bugs: you can unlock the second set of tracks by winning a championship on the first set. Any championship. Even a head to head championship, either against a computer opponent or an empty controller. That's right, you can race against yourself, win either way and unlock new tracks!
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: Comes in the following varieties:
    • No Casualties Run (never be victim to a fatality, even your own)
    • Pitless Run (never receive pit work)
      • Determinator: Pitless Run on a 16-car race after entering DR DEATH as a name. This is much harder than it sounds, since on a good deal of the courses, you'll take damage just from driving down the course. Flat-out impossible on Bonus Race 3.
    • Try to win any of the Championships on Impossible or even DR DEATH difficulty with Zizin. Anyone who does this really should at least be commended for their awesome driving (or incredible luck).
      • To elaborate: The Zizin has excellent turning but zero grip; it drifts, and it drifts more than a drunk driver cutting cookies on ice.
    • (Technical) Pacifist Run: Never be a killer for anyone else's death.
    • Beating Bonus 4 with the DeSilva]].
      • To elaborate: The level is basically a giant straightaway that wraps around so cars drive upside down for half of the track. The main hazard is that it is very difficult to avoid accidental intentional collisions by other cars and the pit lane is in the middle of the road. The DeSilva is the slowest car in the game, giving the opponents plenty of opportunity to slam into your rear bumper.
  • That One Level: In the order encountered in Championship mode:
    • Snake Pass (1-2) has viciously tight corners and limited-sight lines over hills. If the cars and on-coming traffic isn't a concern, then taking damage from the track will be.
    • Tsunami Twister (1-5) serves as the wake-up call level, as you will almost always get flipped onto your roof the first time you attempt the jump. And maybe the second time. Subsequent playthroughs aren't always better, either. The twister jumps are so tricky that the Fly By (2-5) has been nerfed from 2 jumps down to 1 by flattening the geometry and leaving a conspicuous striped landing zone whose gaps you can fall into if you're not careful or lucky. Instead, you get a narrow bridge with no rails which is actually not much easier in traffic.
    • Gateway (1-8) is impossible to win on Girlie mode, even with High damage. It also serves as the introduction to the corkscrew, which can be easily traversed by hugging the left or right ledge OR more skillfully (and not to mention faster) by precisely cutting across at a very narrow path. It's not that uncommon to see a computer screw this up, too.
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    • The Reaper (2-1) tends to murder the inexperienced (and most AI) with the numerous jumps. And when you leave the tunnel, absolutely do not stay in the middle of the road. There's a geometry bug that cleanly flips you upside down and after you proceed to slide into the outside wall and bounce off, you grind to a halt in the middle of the road. This usually doesn't end well.
    • The Crab (2-3) has the first case of the "Divide-By-Zero" jump bug, which can be done by driving slowly backwards after the ramp. or being nudged off it at a slow speed. This can crash the game in some (exceptionally rare) cases, but typically results in a suicide.
    • The Coffin Run (2-6) seems easy on the first few corners, but there are gaps on the edges you can fall into. Then you get a corkscrew that ends with a jump, which if taken wrong will inevitably lead to a collision with a wall.
    • Devil's Hairpin (2-7) can easily be exploited by both ends to force players and computers alike to restart a lap halfway through it.
    • Nemesis (2-8) is Gateway taken to its logical conclusion. It also has several cornering sections that are better taken on the edges than on the middle lane (because taking the latter will actually cause your car to fly out of control).
    • Bonus Race 2 has those peculiar slanted walls with a narrow gap between the track and the wall. In the regular game you only see them on one corner and you may notice that hitting one will bounce your car upside down across the road and into the opposite wall. Here we have an entire track lined with the stuff. If you ever get knocked into the wall on this (tiny, narrow) track, you're in for a hell of a ride. Pray your car ends up down the gap and doesn't ricochet from 100% to 0% life and explode before you can do anything about it. Oh, and the pit zone is directly in the middle of the road.
    • Bonus Race 3 (technically 3-3, but requires cup 2 to be cleared on Impossible) has the one Luck-Based Jump which can go from 0 degrees to over 90 degrees. for those not versed in geometry, that means hitting it can send you BACKWARDS and land you on your back, ready to be slammed into at any time.
    • Bonus Race 4 is universally considered the most difficult course in the game. It's essentially an endless straight track that has two downwards loops at the end and half of the track is magnetic. This is a death zone because there is nowhere to hide from AI attacks and if you get slammed into the wall at any time you're a sitting duck for the cars coming up from behind, 15 AI cars on a 30 second track, while you struggle to regain speed.

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