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YMMV / Fatal Frame III

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  • Les Yay: Miku and Rei give off mild vibes.
    "Having trouble sleeping? Do you need to sleep in here with me?"
  • Narm: Rei wakes up and gets surprised by Yoshino's ghost grabbing her wrist. There's a few seconds of silence as the camera remains still on Rei, and then moves onto Yoshino. Rei's facial expression is less one of shock and more a complex, derpy look.
  • Scrappy Mechanic
    • Playing as Kei renders most of the gameplay into a Stealth-Based Mission. It's certainly cool that he manages to traverse the Manor of Sleep completely unarmed for a while, but his heralded special ability is to squat behind furniture.
    • The Blue Candles. Near the end of the game, the whole house gets covered in miasma from the Rift, causing much more dangerous ghosts to appear, including Reika and the Kusabi, who can kill the player with one touch. The miasma also causes the whole game to become grayscaled, making it difficult to see anything. In order to temporarily solve this issue, the player has to find the Blue Candles that return everything to color and delay the most dangerous ghosts. Unfortunately, these candles are scattered in inconvenient places, meaning the player is stuck with three awful options:
      1. Waste what precious time the current Blue Candle gives by searching the manor for the next Blue Candle.
      2. Only choose the few Blue Candles that are rather easily found and rush through the rest of the game, leaving several notes and ghosts left abandoned for another playthrough.
      3. Forego the Blue Candles entirely and make your way through a grayscale manor, in a game that relies on visual surroundings, while being relentlessly pursued by one-hit kill ghosts.
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  • What an Idiot!: The protagonists know that something otherworldly and lethal is going on, and that they have a genuine piece of anti-ghost technology in the house, that they even know how to use, not one of them thinks of trying to fix the Camera Obscura in Yuu's room in an attempt to resist or even cure the Tattoo Curse.


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