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  • Anti-Climax Boss: In the PC version, the final opponent is Doyle, a weak scientist armed with a P90 and hiding in a control room. He goes down in one shot. Then again, at the beginning of the final level, you fight Big Bad Climax Boss Mutated Krieger, who puts up a much bigger fight.
    • ...And he's not much of a threat either, if you fight him by getting in close like you fought all the other giant trigens.
    • Alternatively, you can just shoot him in the crotch, as he takes massive damage if hit there (who doesn't?) and goes down after only a handful of bullets.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • The monkey Trigens. Since the shotgun has little to no stopping power against them, if they start their leaping attack and aren't dead by the time they reach you, you can wave goodbye to half your health.
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    • In Instincts, there are Kamikaze Trigens, who run at you screaming at the top of their lungs and blow up in your face, killing you.
  • It Was His Sled: When the game first came out the Trigen were a surprise secondary enemy faction similar to The Flood in Halo but nowadays very few people bother to hide this fact when talking about the game. Even this very wiki leaves tropes referring to their existence on the main page completely unspoiler-tagged.
  • Narm: Jack. Daaaaar, Doy-ul?
  • Nightmare Fuel: Imagine this, you're stranded on an isolated island chain out in the middle of nowhere with no contact or any form of lifeline to the outside world. 99.9% of the people on this island want to kill you horribly and you're completely alone save for one guy on the radio who can't exactly help you out in a fight. You struggle to survive against overwhelming odds and manage to keep yourself in once piece against everything the mercs throw at you up to and including attack helicopters. Then, roughly a few hours after your ordeal began you find out that this particular island chain is home to a mad scientist who is making mutants with gaping maws filled with razor sharp teeth who can tear you to shreds in seconds. You think things can't get any worse and then the invisible and giant mutants start showing up...
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  • Porting Disaster: Vengeance is widely agreed to be one of these. Even the future Angry Video Game Nerd does a review on the game in the Present Nerd's Nightmare Sequence in Yet Another Christmas Carol. Ironically for a Wii port, the motion controls are actually regarded to be very good by most players, but everything else seems to have come up short.
  • That One Level: When you get booted out of a helicopter, with an almost empty gun, into a jungle chock full of Trigens. With one charging at you right at the beginning.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Doyle, who betrays you right after your boss fight with Mutated Krieger. Keep in mind that this happens right at the still-comparatively-hard final level and he isn't much of a challenge compared to those damned Trigens you've been dealing with throughout the entire second half of the game. Really, Doyle, trying to exploit the death of Mutated Krieger by attempting to sell the mutagen formula to the black market out of spite on your current clients at an ill-conceived time is going to make you smart and powerful?

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