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YMMV / Fantasy Strike

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  • Author's Saving Throw: Allowing Core Pack owners to send match invites to non-Core Pack owners in direct response to criticism. It's not exactly a complete removal of the paywall for friend and local matches (that would essentially be giving away the entire multiplayer portion of the game, which is the main attraction, for free, which would be a bit too generous), and it didn't completely calm down the newcomers, but at least some people found this to be an acceptable compromise.
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  • Fandom-Enraging Misconception: Don't accuse the game of being an Allegedly Free Game, or the fans will tear you a new one for failing to see that this is still an objectively better deal than the paid version: prior to the free-to-play update, you had to pay 30$ for the entire game, including the modes that are now free. Post-free-to-play, you have access to ranked and casual online matches, training, and single AI matches, with all characters, for free, while the 20$ paywall for the missing features (which are admittedly important things like local multiplayer or the ability to invite friends to online matches) isn't much more expensive than most recent fighting games. Fans are especially sensitive about this because the game was review-bombed from Very Positive to Mixed shortly after the update came out.

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