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  • Complete Monster:
    • "What if 'Ghostbusters II' Was Better?": This take on Vigo the Carpathian is much darker than his canon counterpart. A blood tyrant who killed and tortured thousands in life, as a ghost, he lords over a hellish dimension where he torments the spirits of his victims and feeds off their fear. Orchestrating a series of hauntings in New York to grow his power and influence, and according to a prophecy would return from the dead with a bride and child at his side; from this, he targets Peter's pregnant fiancée Dana and plans to bind her soul to his with a cursed wedding ring. Through his minions, he gets the Ghostbusters shut down as he continuously makes advancements on Dana. When the time is right, Vigo's army is unleashed upon the city, possessing its many statues to wreak havoc and endanger its people. When the Ghostbusters team up with Vigo's vengeful victims to break his hold, Vigo briefly possesses Peter and attempts to forcibly marry Dana in a last ditch effort to win.
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    • "What if the Joker Was in 'The Dark Knight Rises'?" two-parter: The Joker as always is a cruel monster. After being released from Arkham Asylum by Selina Kyle, the Joker decides he likes the new Gotham. Taking over the Narrows, the Joker runs a court where he sentences people to death by walking across the frozen river. Angered at Bane, Joker has his men suicide bomb his territory. Taking Gordon and his men hostage, Joker taunts him, shoots some of his men, and attacks Miranda Tate, before sentencing them to the ice. Killing Bane and Talia al Ghul, the Joker tries to make sure the bomb goes off, determined that they all go out together.
    • "What if Luke Skywalker Died in 'Return of the Jedi'?": Emperor Palpatine, as always, is the sadistic tyrant of the Galactic Empire. Overseeing the creation of the Starkiller Base by ordering the hollowing out of the moon Endor, Palpatine lures the Rebel forces into a trap and tries to tempt Luke Skywalker to the Dark Side, only to resort to torturing him with Force Lightning when the latter refuses. Palpatine also issued several contingency plans to set into motion in the events of his death, as shown when Endor is rigged to detonate, ensuring posthumously that Palpatine took enemies and allies alike with him in a fiery blaze.
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    • "What if Scar Raised Simba in 'The Lion King'?", Scar is as monstrous as his animated counterpart. Kidnapping Simba after staging a wildebeest stampede, Scar brands Simba's right eye and brainwashes him into believing he was his father. He was also apathetic to the hyenas' overhunting, leading to the devastation of the Pride Lands. Subjecting the young cub to years of systematic abuse and starvation, Scar and Simba invade the Pride Lands with Scar halting his victory to gleefully rub Simba's transformation in Mufasa's face before killing him. Scar then captures the crown prince Kion, and plans to execute him the next morning, falsely promising to spare him if he affirmed his rule to the pride. When Simba betrays him, Scar tries to kill him without an iota of remorse.
    • "What if We Fixed 'The Haunted Mansion' Movie?": The Phantom, real name Henry Ravenswood, the owner of the mansion, is worse than any villain from the film. Once a wealthy man who got rich from mining coal and was searching for the gold from Big Thunder Mountain, Ravenswood murdered four of his daughter Melanie's past suitors to keep the gold for himself. Ravenswood killed the fifth, Jake, on his and Melanie's wedding night, when Jake found some of the gold, before blowing up the mine to cover his tracks, killing several miners and destroying a large portion of Thunder Mesa. Ravenswood's final living act was to curse everyone at the party, including Melanie, to a never-ending cycle of torment. In the present, Ravenswood rules the mansion and the Phantom Canyon with an iron fist, tricking the caretaker Clyde into helping him keep power. When Jim Evers, Sarah, and her children arrive, Ravenswood tries to repeatedly stop them from learning the truth, including invading their dreams and attempting to kill them in a mine shaft, before trying to kill the two children just to spite them. A petty, selfish man, Ravenswood saw everyone and everything in the mansion as his property to do with as he pleases.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Doug’s version of Mary Poppins Returns goes far harder on the Missing Mom angle, focusing on the grief of Michael (who doesn’t know how to be an adult) and Annabelle (who acts out, and runs off because she’s scared she’ll make his anger worse). Not to mention that they do actually lose the house.

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