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  • Acceptable Targets: CR himself, depending on who you ask.
  • Bile Fascination: Fans of FiM sometimes take a peek at his later videos just to see if his views on the show along with its fans and writers are as venomous as others claimed.
  • Critical Research Failure: In his Mad Scientist video, he claims that James Gunn ripped off Night of The Creeps with Slither. However, James Gunn has gone on record saying that both David Cronenberg's Shivers and his 1979 film The Brood were the two biggest influences on the story in Slither, along with the 2000 manga Uzumaki by Junji Ito.
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: His animated Let's Player OC Princess Melony from his Simpsons Live video has gotten a lot of fans in a short amount of time, for two obvious reasons.
  • Fetish Retardant: The Ladies of Star Wars playing card deck, which is a mash of rubber forehead aliens, green skinned space babes and humans, with ages ranging from 14 to 80.
  • Growing the Beard: CR's scripts and jokes have grown commendably sharper and funnier within the span of less than year. And with his Lamar Smith video, he's shown to even be willing to seriously discuss political issues like SOPA/PIPA.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • At the end of his MLP retrospective, he concludes that he isn't worried about the show's future without Faust, since she's leaving it in good hands. Based on his attitude today... he clearly doesn't think so anymore.
    • There's the scene in his review of Super Nerds where he tells someone to "go to the moon and go buck yourself!" during a heated discussion over an episode. Very harsh when he's been known to rage about the show to several people.
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    • His scathing review of "The Mysterious Mare Do Well" ends with him claiming that he knows there are people who like the episode and doesn't want to take their enjoyment of the episode away from them. Shame the same can't be said for fans of the third season and beyond.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks!: Since its second season finale, CR has increasingly complained about the direction My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has taken since then, which has angered many fans of the show. It doesn't help that despite the fact he said he is no longer involved in the fandom and refuses to watch the show anymore, he still keeps taking hits at it every now and then, to the point where he posted a response video to the Season 4 trailer simply to insult it.
    • He got the ire of Gravity Falls fans when he trashed the episode "A Tale of Two Stans" and even went as far as to call the show "The Prometheus of Animation" after the series finale simply because it was vague over the mysterious nature of the setting.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In his review of When Good Ghouls Go Bad, he laments the fact that Fox no longer has a channel to air the movie on, as Disney bought it. As of 2019, Disney now owns Fox, including the movie!
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: CR occasionally makes use of computer graphics, and he's not half bad.
  • The Woobie:
    • CR revealed that a sudden hiatus of his work was caused by three deaths in his family. Apparently, each death happened for different reasons and in different states. He admits it's ridiculous, but that doesn't make it any less depressing.
    • The opening of the Samhain where he says that some asshole stole half the decorative tombstones from his yard.


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