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YMMV / Fall, or Dodge in Hell

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  • Genius Bonus: If you didn't get the reference to the previous book, Enoch Root's exclamation, "Initiate Nail Removal Immediately!" when looking at a crucifix would still make sense to anyone who knows that "INRI" is a Latin initialism for "Jesus, King of the Jews."
  • Strawman Has a Point: While Elmo Shepherd is the de facto villain of the story, he still makes some rather valid points about the nature of Bitworld while still alive — like how its maintenance becomes a nightmare if it can get more computationally intensive without outside input, or how they missed the chance to model it without worrying about physical limitations as its reality based on what the souls remember from their previous lives.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The first 100 pages or so present a future world where everyone spends almost all of their time accessing the internet using content aggregators to provide them with a personalized feed of media that supports their biases. The culture barrier has therefore become so wide and impregnable that people are effectively living in different worlds from each other. This is an alarmingly incisive and relevant topic to examine in a science fiction context, but it gets completely dropped once the Brain Uploading plot takes hold.