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YMMV / Fall from Heaven

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  • Awesome Music: A soundtrack as detailed as the original game, with music mostly taken from Nox Arcana (used with permission) and Cirque du Soleil.
  • Designated Hero: The game runs on Black and White Morality, but many of the "Good" factions are Ax-Crazy and so devoted to the destruction of evil that they don't care who they kill in the process (or in the case of the Mercurians, actively encourage the death of good people so they can be reborn as Angels to defend the world). Which is rather possibly intentional; even the leaders branded as good are incredibly anti-heroic and such, emphazising the Crapsack World Erebus actually is.
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  • Epileptic Trees: Many, many examples regarding lore that hasn't been fully explored.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Faeryl Viconia and Flauros.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Without a doubt, Chalid Astrakein is one of these. The Religious Hero of the Empryrean, he possesses a spell, Piller of Fire, that turns enemy deathstacks into an absolute joke. Basically, every time he casts it (and he can cast it every turn) the largest stack within two tiles of him gets absolutely devastated. It doesn't matter how many units are in there, they will all take tremendous damage, leaving them with only 20% of their health, and thus, 20% of their attack power. It can't outright kill them, but since losing health weakens their fighting power, the stack is easy pickings for your army.
    • Baron Duin Halfmorn can alone create an army of werewolves, which create more werewolves.
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    • Death 2 and turning all of your mana nodes into death magic, especially as the Sheaim, who can get it earlier than everyone else. All non-summoning-based strategies are now obsolete as your legions of base-strength-7 Spectres overrun the map, all without ever risking any of the units you paid hammers for.
  • Hell Is That Noise: Fittingly, the Infernals' diplomacy theme is this, frequently causing a Jump Scare when a player first encounters them.
  • That One Boss: Any enemy civ's Hero Unit would count, but the most notable ones among the barbarians are Orthus, a warlord who appears early in the game to terrorize and eliminate any unprepared players who happen to be nearby, and Acheron, a really nasty dragon who is supposed to be optional but may spawn right outside your borders. The most irritating Hero Unit is Loki, who can't be killed unless he is surrounded or in a city. This wouldn't be so bad except for the facts that he can enter enemy borders at will and flip cities without culture, such as all new cities unless you have a certain trait.