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YMMV / Ever After

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Ever After (1998 film)

  • Crazy Awesome: Leonardo da Vinci. Everything he says or does is awesome.
    Leonardo da Vinci: "I shall go down in history as the man who opened a door!"
  • Hollywood Pudgy: The way Rodmilla and Marguerite treat Jacqueline.
  • Moral Event Horizon: After Danielle punches Marguerite for insulting her dead mother, Marguerite steals Danielle's copy of "Utopia", the last thing her father gave her before he died. She gives Danielle a Sadistic Choice: the book gets burned, or Marguerite gets the shoes that belonged to her dead mother, the only memento Danielle has of her. After some thought, she silently hands the shoes over to her. That alone would be pretty rotten, but Marguerite crosses the Moral Event Horizon when she intentionally burns the book anyway just out of spite at Danielle's punching her. Then the step-mother crosses it when she holds a tearful Danielle and forces her to watch the book burn after she tried to save it. After that scene, there was no way either of these characters could gain any sympathy in the eyes of the audience. But Danielle is still whipped afterwards.
    • Rodmilla crosses it even further near the end. Right after Danielle has been rejected and publicly humiliated, the horrible woman comes over and taunts Danielle mercilessly, and when a tearful Danielle begs Rodmilla to tell her if there was ever any love, even for a moment. Rodmilla's response? "How could anyone love a pebble in their shoe?" And the bitch goes even further right afterwards by happily selling Danielle into slavery to her stalker! Immediately after saying such a cruel thing to her! She more than deserves her unhappy ending after this heinous act.
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  • Special Effects Failure: Da Vinci's "walking on water" scene isn't exactly convincing — it's obvious he's walking on something solid that's just below the water.
  • The Woobie: Danielle, that is until the very end.

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