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YMMV / Erin's Total Magical Adventure

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  • Base-Breaking Character: J.Z. is even a badass villain or a blatant Villain Sue?
  • Character Rerailment: After crossing the Despair Event Horizon in All-Stars, Kotone has recently gone back to being her hopeful, idealistic self like how she was to begin with rather than the broken, emotional character she's been portrayed as throughout the All-Stars as a result of a MASSIVE Break the Cutie process that involved her having nightmares about future events involving Mal, being mentally/physically harrassed by said enemy, being forced to see her friends being hurt in several ways, ultimately watching her allies, Love Interest, and bestie being eliminated, and temporarily turned into "Shinobi Kotone". This is because all her issues from said season were wrapped up and she was free to be a content person once more, with added life experiences and stronger determination.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Hollie and Coco are likable among fans.
    • So is Selene, it helps that is an expy of Elsa.
  • Moe: Hollie and Selene.
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • Courtney gets called out for her jerkassery in "ETMA Aftermath" by Amanda, who couldn't stand it at this point, which pleases those who dislike Courtney.
    • Vito breaking up with Anne Maria for her cruelity towards Selene/Hime, good work Vito. Extra points to Gard and Rarity for convincing Team Spirit to vote for her.
    • For those who dislike Her, Jo gets punished by fan favorite Selene (as Hime) for her jerkassery towards her.

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