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  • Genius Bonus: The episode "Treason" ends with Major Richter making an apparently trivial remark to Major Freidel, accompanied by a meaningful look which Freidel reciprocates. It is left to the viewer to figure out what's actually being said, which requires recognising Richter's comment as a quote from Julius Caesar and knowing the original context. The episode concerns a visiting German officer who is secretly part of a conspiracy to assassinate Hitler before he brings ruin down on Germany. Officially, Richter and Freidel know nothing of this, but Richter's final comment about him suggests that they know or suspect a great deal more than they let on — in Shakespeare's play, it's a description of the conspirators who assassinated Caesar.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Even if one disqualifies Bernard Horsfall to make it more challenging, nearly every episode of the series contains at least one actor who subsequently appeared in Doctor Who.
    • Anthony Head, in his first credited screen role, plays the central character in the two-parter "Steel Hand From the Sea"/"The Laws and Usages of War".
    • John Nettles appears as a police detective in "Officers of the Law", a few years before he became famous in Bergerac — playing a different Channel Islands police detective.
    • The madam of the brothel in "The Prussian Officer" is a younger Hilda Rumpole.
    • In "Post Mortem", a murder mystery revolving around the results of a post-mortem examination, the detective is played by Barry Jackson, who went on to play the pathologist in Midsomer Murders.
    • Stephanie Cole plays a woman whose soldier son was recently killed in "From a View to a Death".


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