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YMMV / Empty Memories and Cold Graves

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  • Awesome Moments:
    • After being victimized, enduring a century of misery and having his attempted heroics amount to just more suffering, Vicente manages to be one of the few people to score a win against Nyarlathotep. He sacrifices his life to unleash a mental burst of Hardestadt and Eliza's mental energy, freeing all of Nyarlathotep's trapped souls from the Cortly lands. His last moments are spent laughing in the Crawling Chaos's face, getting to savor his panic before the end.
      Vicente: Nyarlathotep. Don't be shy. Look me in the face.
      Nyarlathotep: The puppet lives yet. And he seems to have received a burst of courage. Eliza's taint.
      Vicente: No. This is all me, Nyarlathotep. Not them. You've been so fixated on them. You and the Consultant both.
      Nyarlathotep: You are not and shall not ever be on their place, Vicente. You are a loose end. I do so despise loose ends. So I think—
      Vicente: You think nothing! You are nothing. Nothing but a stinking hole of hatred who doesn't know when to shut up. You think I'm a toy, Nyarlathotep? (smiles) Then play with this.
      Nyarlathotep: (realizes what's about to happen) No. N—
      Vicente detonated the energy, and died laughing as Nyarlathotep was consumed in a vivid white flash.
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    • Hardestadt besting the Hyena so utterly in battle that, even with it's regenerative capabilities, it refuses to continue the fight. It prompts Hardestadt to recall a nickname Nyarlathotep used to call him.
      Hardestadt: (thinking) "King of the Beasts." So be it.
  • Complete Monster: Nyarlathotep and the Consultant, see here for more details.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • The introductory scene of Hardestadt acting as a doting father to Grete as a baby.
      Hardestadt: (after she delivers a toothless bite to his finger) Yes, you're a vicious little wolf indeed... My fierce little cub. My little starry sky.
    • Upon reuniting with Hardestadt and discovering he has an infant daughter, Eliza's reaction is one of pure delight and utter Squee!. She's as happy for Hardestadt as she is excited by Grete's sheer cuteness.
    • After their first time trying to be intimate with one another doesn't go as planned, the next morning Hardestadt assures Eliza that it's her friendship he values, not her body.
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    • Eliza comforting Vicente and managing to talk him down after he'd been turned against her, proving how much she cares about all of her students and the unfathomable pain she feels for the suffering of her students.
      Eliza: But we are not defined by the tragedy. I have always tried to tell myself, no matter how much easier it seems to blame myself... that it is not my fault. I will never cease, even though they try all they can to try and hurt me, and blame me... because so long as I am trying, there will never be any truth to the word of self-blame that haunt me. Perhaps it is destroying me, Vicente. But I won't stop in spite of that. I don't continue because of my pain—I continue in spite of it. Because if I were to stop, it would be pointless to those... who haven't made it. It really is the least I can do. You never deserved any of this.
      Vicente: ... I can't shoulder all of that, Eliza. I can't. I can't. It's impossible.
      Eliza: Nobody said you should. Least of all I. But you will not agonize with it alone. I promise you... Let me help you.
      The darkness of the Remeditary peeled as Vicente, however hesitantly, surrendered to Eliza's embrace.
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    • What helps Eliza come out of her Heroic BSoD? Grete's mere presence. It's clear she and Eliza love and care about each other dearly, and when Grete sees her she essentially transforms into a puppy and licks Eliza's cheek affectionately.
      Grete: Are you okay?
      Eliza: I will be, darling. I will be.
    • Hardestadt and Eliza's first time, and the mark of just how much they care about and trust one another.
      Hardestadt: Eliza. I don't want to... rush you—
      Eliza: You have not. Hardestadt... I want to. I truly want to do this with you... and if something happens... Then I know just what to say. And I know you will listen.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The Consultant butchering entire towns associated with Vicente simply as an act of spite because he's one of Eliza's students, especially when she forces him to watch her kill six people and then sics the Needler on a young boy.
    • Nyarlathotep returns and proves to be just as monstrous as ever, killing the innocent servants at Cortly Manor one-by-one in horrifying ways either because they annoy him or because he can. He forces one servant who truly cared about Eliza to start cannibalizing himself and not stop until he eats his own heart. Another woman begs that she has a son, causing Nyarlathotep to order her to go home and strangle him before drowning herself.
    • The way the Consultant brutally tortures Eliza with her claws while Nyarlathotep forces Hardstadt to watch, right after Eliza and Hardstadt thought they had beaten the Consultant.
  • Tearjerker:
    • The first time Hardestadt and Eliza decide to consummate their relationship, during the middle of what should be a happy moment for the two, Eliza suffers from a panic attack as she remembers her ex-husband Stefano forcing himself on her. She ends up saying their agreed upon safe word in a moment of panic, and, though it does become somewhat heartwarming again when Hardestadt immediately stops and the two decide to take things slow, it's still incredibly sad that Eliza initially blames herself for "ruining it."
    • Stefano is a rapist, a domestic abuser and a disgusting worm of a man, but the tortures that Nyarlathotep put him through are truly horrifying. When Nyarlathotep brings Stefano before Eliza to show him what he's down and Eliza is disgusted by what she sees. She begs Nyarlathotep to end the misery and he agrees to end Stefano's pain along with that of everyone in the Cortly household, on one condition. She has to forgive him. Even after she says she does, Nyarlathotep amends that she has to mean it, and Eliza, despite searching deep within herself to find a shred of forgiveness, she can't. And Eliza has to live with what Nyarlathotep does afterwards.
      Eliza: (to Stefano) I just... I just wanted somewhere to... belong for a little while... A friend I could care for... why... why was that too much to ask...? Do you even understand what you did to me? Would you even care? [...] Yes. I forgive you. I forgive him! Let him go, stop this! I forgive him!
      Nyarlathotep: Good, that's good, Eliza... Now mean it.
    • Hardestadt's wife, Maria, died in his arms from the Black Plague. He does not take the revelation that Nyarlathotep and the Consultant caused the plague very well, especially when killing Hardestadt's wife was just a "happy bonus" that they hadn't intended on.

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