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YMMV / Empress Theresa

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YMMV items in Empress Theresa include the following:

  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Some have suggested that Theresa is actually mentally ill and the whole story is really a product of her delusions. They tend to back up this theory by pointing out that Theresa mentions having a schizophrenic relative, and people who have schizophrenic family members are much more likely to develop schizophrenia than the general population.
    • Several have suggested that Hal is either the Holy Spirit or Lucifer (for the whole light bringer thing).
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  • Bile Fascination: About half the reason why the book is so infamous.
  • Cliché Storm: The plot can be summarized as follows: "A beautiful, virtuous young girl becomes The Chosen One, finds love with an intense, manly physicist, is rejected by everyone, but can't be killed, and saves the world multiple times."
  • Critical Research Failure: The cover shows a woman who is presumably Theresa wearing a US Military uniform...however, said uniform is wrong regardless of what branch it's from - aside from listing her as a 5-star general (a rank which is all but officially retired, and all of the holders of said rank are currently deceased) for the following reasonsnote :
    • If she is supposed to be a general in the US Air Force, said outfit is missing a pair of pilot wings.
    • If she is supposed to be a general in the US Army, then the US tags are drawn incorrectly, and in addition, there should be a brass disc present on the uniform below the US tags, and more ribbons should be present.
    • She cannot be a Admiral of the US Navy, as said branch wears white caps with black jackets.
  • Narm: As noted on the main page, the Shout-Out to Pollyanna, which has the titular character lose the use of her legs after being hit by a car, and said car is driven by a Middle Eastern "terrorist". While it's possible that it was supposed to be intentional, considering some of the other tropes listed on this page, it's more likely this.
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  • Overshadowed by Controversy: Discussions of this book will almost inevitably heavily involve Norman's various real-life antics, particularly the online drama he was/is involved in.
  • Sci Fi Ghetto: The author is very adamant that this is not science fiction as he for some reason seems to hold it and fantasy in utter contempt. As such the work is listed as "contemporary women" on Amazon.
  • Uncanny Valley: The official artwork of Theresa, ostensibly drawn by the author himself, fits this description well.
  • Wangst: Theresa's raison d'etre. Though described as "a catalogue of good personality traits", she tends to dissolve into tears, sulks, and "life is unfair" complaints when confronted with any problem.


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