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YMMV / Emergency Exit

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation
    • Eddie. Cloud Cuckoo Lander with odd talents? or a tragically handicapped genius? He may have been perfectly rational before he merged a portal fragment into his head.
    • Given the vague hits about Lord Kyran and his four follower's past, plus recent strips show them to be rather deadly fighters when not holding back, this troper believes that Back when Lord Kyran was Lord Hate, he was a seriously one Badass frickkin' Overlord , but his war with whoever he was fighting cost him someone dear so while he retains his role as a "villain" to acquire the hate he needs to maintain his existence, he follows the saturday morning cartoon style of ridiculous behavior because he wants to change. Subsequently since he is no longer a Bad Boss who murders those You Have Failed Me , his two followers with actual evil tendencies are losing respect for him and disobey, while the two Punch-Clock Villain ones are questioning why they still follow him since the fear of being killed isn't there(okay only one of them is but that is because the other is The Ditz)
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  • Crazy Awesome - Eddie again.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Karl getting his face back and NJ's words: "Welcome back, Karl."


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