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  • What an Idiot!:
    • Ellen grilled a contestant during Know or Go for guessing that Duran Duran performed the song "MMMBop" (it was Hanson). She quipped that Duran Duran might be offended by the fact that someone thought they were a "boy band" (to be fair, the contestant did say she was only 19 years old, so the song was only slightly older than she was, and besides MMMBop, Hanson was not as well-remembered as other boy bands of the era).
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    • All of these occurred in the exact same episode:
      • In a game of Danger Word, even with such obvious clues including "Patriots", "Saints", and "Touchdown", the contestants never got the word Football. Plus one of the contestants guessed baseball! They only won because the other team timed out and gave them the round.
      • Don't Leave Me Hanging was an utter disaster, on account of contestants attempting to guess that "Oregonia" is a state with a name ending in "A", Honda is an American car brand (although the company does have manufacturing plants in the U.S.), "jumping jacks" were cardio exercise equipment, I Love Lucy was a soap opera that has aired between 1990 and the present, and a country in Africa is "Africa".
      • The aforementioned baseball contestant makes it to Know or Go, and is asked "If there's 12 inches in a foot and 3 feet in a yard, how many feet do you have?" He overthinks the question and ends up misinterpreting it as "how many inches do you have?", responding with "36 inches". When Ellen points out his flawed thinking, he then answers with "3 feet". The correct answer was 2 — as in she was literally asking him how many feet he had, and the question had nothing to do with measurement. Meanwhile, the other eliminated contestants thought Lucky Charms were the foodstuff with the slogan "Taste the Rainbow", and that SUV stood for "standard utility vehicle".
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    • In one game of You Bet Your Wife, when asked how many animals that weight over a 1000 pounds a husband thinks his wife can answer, he immediately states his wife can name 17... Within only 30 seconds. Needless to say, the other husband challenges this and the wife doesn't get enough.

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