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YMMV / Elemental - War of Magic

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  • Game-Breaker: Some of the spells are absurdly powerful once you unlock them (and have enough mana to use them), perhaps most notably Ineluctable Vision, which after the initial investment of 280 mana permanently reveals the entire map for as long as you can pay its (by then) trivial 5 mana per turn maintenance cost.
    • Want to win every battle in the game, there's a random event that allows you to produce dragons. Sure they're expensive, but create a frontline of dragons and with their powerful Herd-Hitting Attack, they'll wipe out enemy Zerg Rush and the elite stuff with ease. Only boss type creatures can withstand a dragon onslaught and not for long.
  • Good Bad Bugs: One bug in the release build allowed for champions and sovereigns to equip an unlimited number of rings, amulets, and what not. This meant the bonuses on each would stack to very high values. There was some debate/confusion as to whether or not this is a bug or by design.

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