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  • Fridge Brilliance: Magic in The Fire Rose has inconsistencies with the rest of series due to being a prototype. However, it is established several times that magic is shaped by culture, and the book is set in America. It's wholly possible that the inconsistencies (spirit elementals, sylphs being cruel, only four types of elementals apiece) are simply the way things work there.
  • Ho Yay: Between Nan and Sarah as of Home From The Sea. By A Study In Sable they are even raising a child together, and the main conflict of that one is of the Evil Diva breaking them up. Nan's jealousy and anger towards said Evil Diva certainly is eyebrow raising for a mere "friend" to have.
    • on the other hand, Sarah was not only Nan's very first friend, she is also (with the possible exception of Mem'Sahib, her husband, and Indian assistants) Nan's only family. Keep in mind, Nan and Sarah became sisters of choice at the same time Nan's mother - her only known blood kin - sold her for drug money.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • In A Scandal In Battersea, when they're in the alternate universe ruled by the Eldritch Abomination Mary Watson manages to find and call a friendly air elemental to help them. The awesome goes not just to her for actually turning up something benign in such a Crapsack World, but to the elemental for surviving when even the microbes in the dirt were all wiped out.
    • Most of what Rosamund does could qualify, as she's an Action Girl and monster slayer in a world that doesn't allow women to be either. Her crowning achievement, however, is at the climax of Blood Red: when faced with a clan of forty-three werewolves, she successfully takes out all of them through strategy and clever use of the local Elementals.
    • Leading Fox taking out the witch. Giselle notes that the witch, with all her stolen magic could easily overwhelm a lone Master, and he pulls it off with the aid of Hu-huk and Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Eleanor's stepmother may have crossed it at the beginning of Phoenix and Ashes, but she is definitely over the line when you realize she would be happy to subject her stepdaughter to magical and psychological torture for days in order to drive her insane and retain control of the estate.
      • If torturing her stepdaughter into madness isn't enough of a swan-dive over the event horizon, Eleanor's stepmother unleashes a plague—implied to be the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic—just to prolong World War One so she can reap more corrupted power from all of the death and conflict. She also drains the life almost entirely out of her own two daughters during the final confrontation. It becomes difficult to think of anything this woman does that isn't an affront to human decency.
    • Aunt Arachne in Gates of Sleep marries an industrialist, gets pregnant by him, and kills him to inherit his wealth. If she hadn't crossed it when she uses Dark Magic to curse the infant Marina in front of her parents, using magic that could have killed the child right on the spot if it weren't for a magical christening gift Marina had received just moments before, she does when her exploits after she turns herself to industrial baroness are brought to light. She sets up pottery factories with pretty lower class girls to paint ceramics, ensures they get pretty clothing and nice surroundings, and prostitutes them out to moneyed patrons, which corrupts the girls' souls and morality. All the while, the glazes and paints slowly poison the girls with lead. She then harvests dark magic from the girls' physical, emotional, and spiritual poisoning and pain. The clincher is when she uses Marina's own cradle to reawaken the curse which puts Marina into a coma. This being Edwardian England, this would consign Marina to a slow death by starvation/dehydration. Her satisfaction at this fate is utterly disturbing.
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    • Richard Whitestone, in Unnatural Issue, turns to necromancy to get his dead wife back, and is willing to destroy his daughter's soul in order to put Rebecca's soul into her body. That's sick and twisted to begin with. Then he uses an army of zombies to savagely attack the household that shelters Susanne when she runs away, and follows it up by poisoning his faithful old house servants—the people who raised his daughter, as well as stood by him for twenty years while he turned into a complete shut-in—and turning them into zombie slaves. It's hard not to start cheering when he finally gets what's coming to him.
    • Lady Cordelia in The Wizard of London gains power, influence, and wealth... by murdering small children, binding their souls to a dream world, and sending the ghosts to whisper suggestions into people's dreams. Then she starts experimenting on them to transfer her soul to another body.
  • Recycled Script: Both Steadfast and Reserved For The Cat focus on turn of the century show business (specifically mid-level music hall), feature Elemental Mages who work as stage magicians, and include subplots where the heroines, who are professional dancers, pretend to be Russian prima ballerinas. Despite that, the stories ultimately diverge, keeping the story from getting too stale.
  • Rooting for the Empire: Shivani's crusade against Maya for simply having a white father? Irredeemably awful. Shivani's crusade against former agents of the oft-brutal British Raj, on the other hand? Pretty understandable Anti-Hero territory.
  • Voodoo Shark: Katie can't use her Elementals to kill, because it might corrupt their innocence. Fair enough, though this is a unique restriction. But it's established that an Elemental Mage can use her Element without an Elemental, and Katie should be strong enough to intentionally ash her husband instead of waiting for the plot to do it. Given the accident that ends up killing him is a result of a totally ordinary household object, she could well have made it happen herself.
    • Jack and Lionel do discuss either poisoning him through his gin or rigging a match against him, but both back down at the idea of murder. Presumably, Katie also wanted to find a way to get rid of him without killing him.

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