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  • Angst? What Angst?: Karasu Uchiha. He doesn't seem to be bothered by his rather complicated birth.
  • Ass Pull: Kushina's chakra being able to bring the dead back to life.
  • Awesome Ego: Manda! MANDA! MANDA! He dosn't think he's all that. He knows it.
  • Broken Base: The inclusion of the Oogakari's. Some are happy, but others are not thinking that they don't fit in Echoes due to the dark tone of the story.
  • Complete Monster: In a fanfiction where the main characters were traveling through the multiverse, several characters stood out by their sheer monstrosity:
    • Kenta Ayatsuri is a jōnin of Konoha, as well as a philanthropist who founded an orphanage. However, Kenta turned the orphans into Tykebombs and prostitutes to fund his activities. Training Kamui, the Wave-Verse's Kakashi, Kenta turned him into another tyke-bomb. When Minato added Kamui to his own team, taking him away from Kenta, the latter contacted the enemy in order to sabotage Team Minato's mission to destroy the Kannabi Bridge, and to get rid of them, barring Kamui, leading to Obito's death. Fleeing Konoha after his crimes were discovered, he sent brainwashed children to massacre Konoha families, and, in the Wave-Verse, kidnaps a pregnant Rin. Killing the baby, Kenta tortured Rin to death and greeted Kamui with her corpse when he tried to rescue her. He also tried to recreate Kamui with other children, killing or wounding them in the process. In The Past Enemy Arc, Kenta is introduced horribly killing Kin, a little girl, because she cried when he gave her to a brothel. He attempted to kidnap Rin and Kakashi's child, succeeding with Rin. When his subordinate suggested to kill Kamui, Kenta killed him. When confronted by Kamui, he blamed everyone but himself for his crimes and revealed that he committed all of this to turn Kakashi into his "masterpiece", and so that he will be remembered. When Kamui replies that he will do everything to forget him, a spiteful Kenta attempts to kill him and Rin.
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    • Izanagi, the Madara Uchiha from Izanami's world, lacks the redeeming qualities his canon counterpart and the Madara Trio have. Planning to execute the Eye of the Moon plan to satisfy his god complex, Izanagi resurrected a dying Izanami and made her immortal to test his newfound immortality technique. Izanagi trained her but also horribly abused her to his content, forcing her into prostitution and torturing her when she rebelled. When she didn't fulfill his expectations, he planned to replace her with her baby son, Itachi, out of misogyny, leading to his death at Izanami's hands. When resurrected by Susanoo, Izanagi allied with him against the Arashi Clan only so that he could get back at Izanami and seal her alive forever. He revived 5 Kages with Edo Tensei to use as puppets against the Arashi clan. When curb-stomped by the Sage of the Six Paths, he had no problem dropping the moon on Earth to stall him, planning to go to another universe to start over his plan if it destroyed the planet. Thoroughly depraved beneath his soft-spoken character, Izanagi left an impact despite his short appearance.
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    • Alpha was a female Naruto clone created by a villainous Hashirama to serve as a weapon by stealing plans from the minds of enemies. Overthrowing Hashirama and becoming the world's Shadow Dictator, Alpha, despite claiming that she was repairing the former's and Madara's atrocities, kept on committing them, continuing Hashirama's Final Solution, exterminating 90% of the world's population. Not even the "Master Race" was safe, as Alpha killed the Uchiha, the Uzumaki and the Senju families after taking power, all so that she could have an easier time controlling the remaining population. In her "utopia", Alpha brainwashed countless people. When Chibaku criticizes her views, she has him tortured and mind raped to near-death, despite him being a preteen. A massive, delusional, selfish hypocrite blaming everyone else for her own atrocities and mistakes, Alpha worsened her world's situation despite claiming with a motherly tone that she was improving it.
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    • In the "Ame-Verse", Yagura, the Fourth Mizukage, sheds any redeeming qualities his canon counterpart had. Under the guise of "human progress", Yagura started in Kiri's Ninja Academy a graduation program consisting of students killing each other, in order to weed out the weak in favor of the strong. With his "Blood Police", Yagura kills any "weak" civilian, shinobi, clansman and started a Final Solution to the bloodline wielders' question. Allying with Ame's Hanzo, he chose to kill Nagato, Yahiko and Konan, not due to his alliance with Hanzo, but because he hated them, saying that he would have killed them even if he wasn't allied with Hanzo. After having killed Yahiko, he laughs at Konan while she cries over Yahiko's death, and mocks Hanzo when the latter regretted Yahiko. After being challenged with Hanzo in a fight by Kazama, the original Naruto, and Tsukiyom, Kazama's World's Madara Uchiha, he almost kills part of the audience during one of his attacks, attempted to eat Kazama during the fight, and released the Sanbi from his body out of spite after his defeat, telling it to avenge him. Believing that Jinchuriki were the Master Race, Yagura was accurately described as an "all-around monster".
    • In the "Road to Ninja" verse, Obito Uchiha also lacked any qualities his canon counterpart had. After defeating the Shinobi Alliance, Obito launched the Infinite Izanagi, killing his entire world and creating his own personal paradise, in which he created everyone the way he wanted them, and joined the Teikoku. When Kazama and Tsukiyomi entered the "Road to Ninja" world, Obito, being a psychologist, kept an eye on the former during their sessions. Despite having already gained his personal paradise, Obito plans to spread the Infinite Izanagi through the multiverse, at the risk of destroying countless worlds just so that he can live his fantasies. He doesn't even care about his own creations, abusing his "favorite son" Menma, and destroying his world's Konoha and several of his inhabitants, seeing them as ultimately replaceable, even his supposed Love Interest, Rin. When defeated by Kazama, Obito released the Ten-Tails from his body out of spite. Believing himself to be a god, Obito was nothing more than a Psychopathic Manchild who wanted to fulfill his wishes no matter what.
    • The Warlord, a villainous Naruto Uzumaki, came to be when Naruto, who became Hokage at age 16, kept abusing the Shadow Clones, turning into a Hive Mind. After being overthrown by Sasuke, Naruto came back to power, killed him, his critics and all his friends but his wife Hinata, leaving her comatose. While successfully enforcing peace, Naruto let his subjects rebel out of boredom, so that he could crush them again. When they stopped fighting, he destroyed his world. Learning of the Multiverse, he created the Teikoku, in order to keep on conquering worlds, out of a love of destruction. Notable crimes include destroying an entire planet For the Evulz; starting a body parts contest in another world; and forcing a world's kids to kill each other so that he can see the society the broken survivors will create. Concluding that free will doesn't exist—each multiverse leads to a different reality because of a different choice—he chose to destroy everything. A liar, he promised Kazama and Madara that they would rule together, while he planned to kill Kazama when he was no longer useful. When his ally Red Zetsu was defeated by the Arashi Clan, the Warlord tried to kill them by dropping another Earth, uncaring about the billions of deaths. Not above hurting children, he attempted to kill Naruko in a rage. Upon his final defeat, he lost it and revealed that he killed billions of Narutos. Feared even by his own followers, the Warlord was by far the most heinous character of the entire work.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • From the ANBU Verse, Manda (with about 20 lines of dialogue) and Good!Orochimaru. The latter for his sheer ego and the latter due to the differences with most Orochimarus.
    • While Sasori isn't as important as many Narutos, he was, by chapter 24, the second most popular character.
  • Ho Yay: Mikoto and Kushina. Almost every version of Mikoto shows an attraction to/unhealthy obsession with Kushina despite them only having one visible conversation, ranging from falling in love with Minato, to going Yandere on Kushina for getting married, to viewing her as a saint, to dating an alternate version of her son.
    • Kushina's side comes in when she deliriously denies Mikoto's death in one universe, pursuing any hint as to her survival at the risk of her unborn child.
  • Magnificent Bastard: In a fanfiction full of characters and universes, these characters have distinguished themselves through their morally dubious, but brilliant feats:
    • Sasori, eclipsing his canon counterpart, is "The Puppet Master" in more ways than one. Promoted to chunin as a child after single-handedly killing 50 enemies by poisoning their water supplies, Sasori, in adulthood, joined the Arashi clan with his student Chibaku (Puppeeter!Naruto) and his subordinate Kabuto. Sasori proved to be valuable: in Kitsune's world, he effortlessly blackmailed the Hokage into giving them Kitsune (Insane!Naruto). Through quick thinking, he forces Tsukiyomi to reveal more of his techniques even though he was losing, which proved to be useful when fighting Amaterasu (who has similar abilities) in the Wave-Verse, briefly crippling him. When most of the Arashi clan was imprisoned in a nigh-inescapable prison in the Cloud-Verse, he and Chibaku successfully broke out the entire group from the prison with their plan. He discovered most of the truth about the Dystopia-Verse by spying on an ANBU and had the perfect seal to defeat its dictator. When the Third Kazekage tries to use Sasori's body against Chibaku, Sasori self-destructed to save Chibaku. Called a Magnificent Bastard by Chibaku, Sasori has more than lived up to the name.
    • Amaterasu, AKA Kitsune's world's Madara Uchiha, promised to his dying little brother he would remain a samurai and follow the Bushido code to his last breath. Desiring to get back at his clan for "betraying" their former virtues and becoming ninjas, to destroy Konoha for "betraying" him and to throw the world in a state of perpetual warfare to supposedly help mankind improve, Amaterasu orchestrated the Kyuubi's attack on Konoha. Despite the attack's failure, Amaterasu manipulated Fugaku and Mikoto, counting on their coup attempt in Konoha to fulfill his objectives throughout the ensuing chaos. When he discovers Shisui spying on them, Amaterasu gives him a Breaking Lecture, leading Shisui to foil the coup by killing the clan, but still giving a victory to Amaterasu. Recruited by his counterparts Susanoo and Tsukiyomi, Amaterasu formed with them the Madara Trio. In the trio's attempts to harness Kazama's power, Amaterasu shined through his sheer strength, honor, adaptability and contingency plans, killing the Wave-Verse!Kyuubi and knowing which one of his 100 weapons he had to use to adapt to his enemies' techniques. When finally defeated, he congratulated his killers, acknowledged his mistakes and peacefully passed on.
    • The aforementioned Tsukiyomi, AKA Kazama's world's Madara Uchiha, deserves his name of "The Deceiver". Wanting to harness Kazama's power and to destroy Konoha for "betraying" him, Tsukiyomi formed the Madara Trio and successfully destroyed Kazama's devotion to Konoha through Half Truths, also implanting Amatsu-Mikaboshi inside Kazama to further corrupt him. When Kazama was separated from his friends and ended up in the Ame-Verse alongside Susanoo and Tsukiyomi, the latter pulled an Enemy Mine with Kazama and both trained and manipulated him, resulting in both Kazama taking over Ame and finally snapping and destroying Konoha, thus fulfilling Tsukiyomi's life-long objective. Having grown to sincerely care for Kazama, he followed him in the "Road to Ninja" world and sacrificed himself to help Kazama overcome Amatsu-Mikaboshi. Willing to negotiate, affable, polite and ruthless, Tsukiyomi was the most successful villain of the fanfiction.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Obito/Moon using the Infinite Izanagi.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The Sharingan grove, Kitsune's Demonic Possession phases, everything Kenta does, the Warden's aka Orochimaru's illness, Tsukuyomi's vision of the future, some visions of alternate universes where things went worse, Alpha's utopia...
  • One-Scene Wonder: The Sanbi appeared for only a quarter of a chapter but proved itself to be rather disturbing with its Dissonant Serenity Soft-Spoken Sadist personality while managing to act Wicked Cultured despite being a giant Sea Monster.
  • Too Cool to Live: Sasori.
  • What an Idiot!: Really Kushina, was it that great an idea to tell Kazama that Tsukiyomi is right about your actions in implanting the Kyuubi inside him when he's on the brink of a Heroic BSoD, having learned that most people he knew were manipulating him? You couldn't have waited until after to tell him you royally fucked up his life? As for what happens right after... well, sorry, but for the kind of stupidity you presented there, you kind of had it coming.

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