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YMMV / Echo & the Bunnymen

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  • First Installment Wins: Fans and critics generally agree that the band's first lineup had the best output.
  • Nightmare Fuel: "Over the Wall" is probably about insanity or nightmares, but the lyrics are extra frightening for anyone who's had particularly bad nightmares or sleep paralysis hallucinations.
  • Signature Song: Of the various songs in the band's oeuvre, "The Killing Moon" and "Bring On the Dancing Horses" seem to be the best-known of the bunch.
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  • Vindicated by History: Reverberation was slammed upon release for a combination of Ian McCulloch's replacement with the less distinctive-sounding Noel Burke and the general lack of artistic advancement compared to previous efforts— it coming after the polarizing Self-Titled Album didn't help matters either. Over time it's become better appreciated, with some thinking people would have liked it better if it were released under a different band name.

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