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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The television channel which comes up with the idea for EDtv is named "True TV", and its intent is to constantly air what happens in a normal person's life. A case of Defictionalization occurred in 2008 when the actual television network CourtTV changed its name to "truTV", which places a heavy focus on "caught-on-video" reality programs, just like the film!
    • Also, the movie as a whole now is funnier when the viewer realizes they're watching two of the world's greatest detectives bumble their way through a reality show. Definitely makes Season 2 look better in comparison.
    • Greg Sestero's role in the film is watching Ed and Shari have sex. Ironically, one of the famous lines of The Room, among many, is "How's Your Sex Life?". What makes it double ironic is the guy playing Greg's friend says "Huh?" in a way that sounds slightly like the way Tommy Wiseau says it.
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  • Older Than They Think: When it was released, the film was criticized for being a derivative knockoff of The Truman Show. Most people who saw the film didn't realize that Edtv was based off a little-known French-Canadian film called Louis 19, which was made five years before either film was released and dealt with the same subject matter.
  • Retroactive Recognition: What the hell are Rust Cohle and Martin Hart doing on a reality show?
    • Greg Sestero of The Room fame plays one of the people watching Edtv.
  • Values Resonance: In 1999, this film portrayed a world where an individual who tries out for a casting call, and has his life turned into a circus for the benefit of television audiences. Ten years later, in the wake of the Reality Show concept being played to death, EdTV seems oddly prescient about the entire genre.
  • Vindicated by History: The film bombed at theaters when it was released, but has gone on to become a foretelling look at the reality television craze of the 2000s.

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