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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Is Jia Chong a pragmatic political officer who does the dirty work no one else is willing to in the best interests of his leaders or a cold-blooded murderer who enjoys the bloodshed of his enemies and coincidentally chooses the best course of action?
    • How loyal is Sima Yi to Cao Cao and Cao Pi? Dynasty Warriors 6 portrayed him as an overly ambitious Evil Chancellor more than willing to betray and overthrow his masters, yet beginning with 7, Yi is content to serve them, as he considers the Cao clan worthy rulers who have the greatest chance at reuniting the land. However, when successors such as Cao Shuang turn out to be very incompetent, Sima Yi stages his coup d'etat and wrests control away from the Cao family. Judging by the ending of Wei's Story Mode in 7, there are still traces of his scheming, sinister side. This is also acknowledged In-Universe by Jia Xu in his ending for Dynasty Warriors 9, who remains wary of Sima Yi's motives and questions his loyalty to Cao Pi.
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  • Accidental Innuendo: One of Wang Yuanji's lines in "Ambition Mode" for Dynasty Warriors 8 consists of her inviting the Player Character to try some of her "meat buns".
  • Awesome Ego: Zhong Hui. He's an arrogant and self-centered jerk who declares himself as "The Chosen One" and yet, a lot of players, particularly the female players, find him awesome.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Zhang Chunhua - while many players love her borrowed move-set and weapon from Sima Yi's 6 incarnation, alongside her unique dynamic with her sons (being the first maternal character introduced for the roster), just as many people dislike how her presence derails her husband's character from a Magnificent Bastard to Henpecked Husband.
  • Cargo Ship: Sima Shi and meat buns. Yes, it's a thing because he would always describe in perfect detail how delicious they are.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse
    • Introducing the Jin Kingdom in Dynasty Warriors 7, not simply because the developers were finally taking the story into the closing stages of the era and giving this its due, but many of its officers were Bishounen, making the kingdom a Cast Full of Pretty Boys.
    • 7 also introduced Wang Yuanji, who instantly rose to fame on both sides of the Pacific for her looks and personality. Of the new characters making their debut in this game, Yuanji has the second most Fanart of them on Pixiv, trailing behind her husband Sima Zhao. She even won first place in the popularity poll for 7; note she's the only (new) female character who made it to the top ten, even beating out veterans Sun Shangxiang or Zhenji. That Yuanji is the female Dynasty Warriors representative in Warriors All-Stars reflects this.
    • Guo Huai is surprisingly popular in Japan, often drawn as being extremely handsome. Then again, it may have to do with his very successful career via his historical counterpart.
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    • Xin Xianying is often considered one of the best additions of the divisive DW9 due to her great design, sunny and positive personality as well as having a massive weapon despite her petite size and wielding it with grace and style. As noted below, people lamented how Xianying was screwed storywise by Koei, with her story following the lifespan of her father Xin Pi more and her other notable traits like actually butting heads with Cao Pi during his reign and especially detecting Zhong Hui's betrayal were omitted, but the one thing she actually did, encouraging the Wei forces to not give in to Zhuge Liang's taunt in Wuzhang Plains, she pretty much made it count, with the praises of not only the Wei soldiers, but also players alike. Many saw that Xianying being added in DW Unleashed is a start of the fixing she deserved.
    • Zhong Hui is beloved by the female fanbase not only because of his good looks but also his Awesome Ego which is as long as the Great Wall of China. It's no surprise that he's one of the few male characters who get a lot of DLC costumes and a hypothetical scenario. He's even regarded as the male representative of the Jin faction rather than the men of the Sima clan.
  • Fair for Its Day: Sima Yi's belief in a meritocratic system of rulership where only those of talent and ability are allowed at the top (instead of relying solely on blood relations and proclaimed divine right to rulership) would've been downright progressive at the time the game takes place. note 
  • Foe Yay
    • Sima Yi with Zhuge Liang; played for all its worth in the "Battle of Wuzhang Plains" across many installments, with Yi lamenting Liang's passing either after or during the battle.
    • Zhong Hui with Jiang Wei; not too surprising, considering their subsequent (failed) rebellions against Wei/Jin in the novel after Liu Shan surrenders Chengdu.
    • Zhuge Dan, with Sima Zhao; again, not too surprising, as Dan idolized Sima Shi and deemed Zhao an unworthy successor.
  • Ho Yay
    • Sima Yi with Cao Pi; despite the latter's ending in Dynasty Warriors 5 hinting he's aware of Yi's motives, Pi tells him to "take care of it" when he's no longer around.
    • Jia Chong's devotion to Sima Zhao can be seen as "direct"; particularly obvious in 8: Xtreme Legends when Chong decides to learn of Zhao's favorite dish and cook it for him - purely for motivational purposes, of course!
    • On the Les Yay side, you have Zhang Chunhua who is very flirty towards Wang Yuanji which reaches to the point in her ending that she invites her to her house to eat her meat buns.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Sima Yi's ending in Dynasty Warriors 9 shows him encouraging his sons to raise worthy heirs after lamenting Cao Pi's early death. Yi's eldest son, Sima Shi, dies without a son (historically, Shi adopted his brother's younger son, Sima You, since he only had daughters). A year prior to his own death, Sima Zhao had to choose his oldest son, Sima Yan, over You as his heir; eventually, Yan overthrows the last Cao Wei emperor, establishes the Jin Dynasty and finally conquers Wu, ending the Three Kingdoms Era. However, Yan's decisions to empower his male family members into higher positions and make his developmentally disabled son, Sima Zhong, as his heir, led to a bloody power struggle among the family members and regents called the "War of the Eight Princes", which lasted fifteen years. This resulted in the invasion of the Northern barbarians tribes, the relocation of the Jin Dynasty to the East, and the splitting of Ancient China into several kingdoms once again.
    • In 8, Sima Shi reminds Zhuge Dan that it's not his heritage that makes him the person he is, but his talent and deeds. As noted above, his nephew Sima Yan clearly never gets this lesson.
  • Incest Yay Shipping: It comes as no surprise there's an enormous amount of Doujinshi, Fanarts and Fanfics of Sima Shi and Sima Zhao being paired together; even their father, Sima Yi, is paired with either one of them, though this is because the games depict Yi looking just as young as his sons.
  • Iron Woobie: Sima Zhao loses his father and brother in quick succession and is clearly torn up about it, but doesn't let this stop his advance to claim all of China.
  • Memetic Molester: Zhang Chunhua. Her nice smile, her domineering aura, her treatment of Sima Yi and her Musou attacks which consists of tying up her enemies or whipping them to their knees makes her into the ultimate dominatrix of the Three Kingdoms. There's even a whole video of her whipping all officers!
  • Narm:
    • The English dub of Sima Shi's death in 9 would have been a Tearjerker, were it not for the performance of Sima Zhao's voice actor. The way he says "Brother!" as Shi dies sounds very flat, ruining the emotional momentum of the scene.
    • Wen Yang's ending in 9 has his brother calling him the "reincarnation of Zhao Yun". While that phrase is applicable for his courage and determination that Zhao Yun possessed, it's still eye-rolling considering that Wen Yang's weapon is the longtou dazhadao and not the famed polearm which Zhao Yun also had as his main weapon.
    • The games can go out of their way to show Sima Yi's hostility against the Cao family, which can be hard to take seriously considering he wasn't that bad in real life. For example in 8, during the Battle of Shiting, he openly yells at Cao Xiu and calls him "imbecile" even if he did no such thing in other games' version of that battle.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: As a result of Dynasty Warriors 9 and its Moveset Clone initiatives
    • Jia Chong's throwing axes from 8: Xtreme Legends are replaced with shooting bladespears, which many found disappointing, particularly after seeing a preview of his move-set and "Musou Attack".
    • Likewise, Guo Huai getting his arm cannon replaced with the shooting bladespears, which didn't suit the sickly general.
    • Wen Yang's Weapon of Choice from a javelin to the longtou dazhadao was seen as unnecessary considering he's been called as the "Zhao Yun of the late Three Kingdoms Era" by the games; many players expected him to either retain the javelin or have a polearm similar to Yun's. It's telling that reception to this change was negative when the preview clip of his move-set and Musou Attack had more dislikes.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Ever since 9 added Xin Xianying to the roster, there were expectations of her since she lived long enough to see the rise of the Jin Dynasty and is one of the few female historical figures who made an impact in the Three Kingdoms Era. Unfortunately, the game makes Xianying a stand-in for her father, Xin Pi, and her story ends with the Battle of Wuzhang Plains. While she does appear in several battles post-Wuzhang Plains, she doesn't have any important role afterwards. Like Guo Huai, Sima Yi and Xiahou Ba, many players see her more as a Wei character, rather than part of the Jin lineup, as Xianying never did things that made her historically prominent during the Sima clan's regency on Wei, such as advising her brother to stay allied with Cao Shuang during Sima Yi's coup d'etat and becoming suspicious enough of Zhong Hui that she warns her nephew about him. The best thing players could say about her is one scene where Xianying encourages the Wei forces to not give in to Zhuge Liang's taunts, an event where she makes the most out of it.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Ever since 7 added the Jin faction, their storyline and the games as a whole only ended with the fall of Shu, while the Xtreme Legends expansions ended with Zhong Hui's rebellion, never going further into events such as Sima Yan's ascension as the first emperor of Jin and the fall of Wu, which are only mentioned in passing. The lack of several playable characters who were important during those events (Sima Yan, Yang Hu, Lu Kang, Sun Hao etc.) was the reason why the games never went past the fall of Shu.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Sima Yi was similar to Zhuge Liang in Dynasty Warriors 3, with a stronger Musou charge stat on his fourth weapon and carries an innate lightning element on his fourth Charged Attack for great Area of Effect and filling up the Musou Gauge. Unfortunately, he suffered stationary attacking issues stemming from the fourth Charged Attack and Musou Attack. To get the most out of him, it's best to simply spam his running attack.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Due to Tsuyoshi Takishita’s untimely passing post-Dynasty Warriors 8, Sima Yi’s Japanese voice actor was replaced by Ryotaro Okiayu, who voices Sima Shi. However, many find the latter's performance of Yi too similar to Shi.


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