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YMMV / Dynasty (2017)

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  • Idiot Ball: Steven grabs it when it comes to Alexis. Despite the fact that he has only been in contact with his mother for a year, and that Fallon hired Sam as her personal assistant and has been increasingly warm towards him and Cristal, Steven still believes Alexis when she claims that her dossier on Sam is actually Fallon's research.
  • Magnificent Bastard:
    • Alexis. Her plan is seemingly to play everyone to her advantage: first, she reveals to the Colbys that they are actually Carringtons, as Thomas had an affair with their grandmother- as a result, the wording of Thomas' will gives them a hefty amount of Carrington Atlantic shares. Second, she finds a con man willing to cut off his own finger in order to pose as hers and Blake's long-lost firstborn son, Adam. Together with the Colbys, this results in a controlling share of CA and allows her to sell the company out from under Blake.
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    • The real Adam Carrington. He makes his debut by gaslighting Steven so that Fallon and Sam will put him in a mental hospital, then introduces himself into the Carringtons' lives and starts playing everyone. He even outdoes Alexis by confronting her with proof of her scheme with Hank/Fake Adam, then shoving her face into the fireplace so that she requires a hospital stay and plastic surgery to recover, promising to keep quiet about her actions if she keeps quiet about his.
  • Uncanny Valley: Invoked with the plastic surgery midway through Season Two that leaves Alexis looking like a blonde Fallon. Adam and Alexis herself are the only ones pleased with it; all the other characters react with shock and discomfort, as did the audience.

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