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  • Awesome Ego: There must be something in the water over in Atlanta. To hear Dusty tell it, he:
    1. was the making of Vince McMahon (and Stephanie, by proxy),
    2. led Dusty Rhodes Productions Jim Crockett Productions to greatness,
    3. and fought the Monday Night War single-handedly.
    • But he told it in such an off-the-cuff, charming way that the interviewer just lets it pass. Watch how skillfully he takes his accuser and turns it back on the WWE:
    Dream: I took a little minor league area down there, put genius to it. And yes, I still think I'm a genius after all this time, crazy egotistical maniac that I am. They always ask me, "Why did you put yourself on top?" (I asked Hunter the same thing. The would-be booker that he is. He doesn't even have a finish named after him. How can Triple H be a great booker when he doesn't have a finish named after him.) Where were we?
  • Awesome Music: His WWF theme. Fans still mark out for it, and it became synonymous with Dusty by the time he passed. It's easily his most recognizable theme, and one of the best known wrestler themes ever recorded.
  • Dork Age: His commentary in latter-day WCW. Much of what he said made Dusty. Despite this, fans still loved to hear him talk, as he was just that charming and entertaining.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: During one of this trademark boastful promos, Dusty said that there were only two people that could be called "bad", himself and John Wayne. In 2015, Dusty died on June 11. John Wayne also died on June 11, almost 40 years earlier. Coincidentally, they both died from stomach cancer.
    • His last appearance on TV was Cody telling him "you're dead to me" as part of an angle where Cody lost himself to Stardust and turned on his brother.
  • Funny Moments: His reaction to Goldust and Cody interacting at one point:
    Goldust: Hey, how 'bout we go over there and you teach me some of your... grooming tips, y'know? (sharp inhale, but Cody cuts him off)
    Cody: Don't breathe on me. [Exit]
    Goldust: W-wait! Help a brother out! [Exit]
    Dusty: (standing next to Ted Dibiase and IRS wearing a blond wig), I raised some weird kids.
    • There's also that one holiday episode of Raw with him and Goldust:
    Dusty: There are some weird people here.
    Goldust: [Walks up to Dusty, who jumps in surprise.] I haven't noticed. [Inhales]
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The New Breed (Chris Champion and Sean Royal) claimed that in the year 2002 Dusty Rhodes was President of the United States. Well, that didn't happen, but, the results of the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election between Al Gore and George W. Bush did resemble a Dusty Finish and it did put an incoherent, babbling Texan in the White House.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Narm Charm: The WWF years from 1989-1991, aka the polka dot years. Yes, it Flanderized Dusty, but his spirit was infectious. If this promo on the Honky Tonk Man isn't Ham and Cheese, nothing is.
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  • Vindicated by History: Fans did become a little more appreciative of Dusty's booking over the years, for his various cage variations, other gimmick matches, tournaments and big match pay per views, after they had seen several worse bookers and learned not all of Dusty's questionable ideas were ones he actually wanted to go through with. Even then, one of his most famous cases in TNA Lockdown did get an affectionate all cage card tribute in U Know Pro.


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