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  • Awesome Music: Meat Loaf's "Alive."
  • Complete Monster: Jonah King is a satanic cult leader obsessed with his own power and leading a group of psychos slavishly devoted to him. He lured the criminal John Milton's daughter into his cult. After Milton's sudden death, King kills her husband, takes her baby girl—Milton's granddaughter—to use in a sacrifice, and forces Milton's daughter to give him a blowjob at gunpoint. She bites his dick off, after which he personally cuts off her head and keeps her femur as part of a cane he uses. When the resurrected Milton reveals King's status as a eunuch, King immediately shoots the only cultist who could confirm it. He also briefly kidnaps Piper, Milton's female companion on the ride, but when she proves too much trouble to convert, he decides to kill her and defile her corpse afterwards.
  • Crazy Awesome: Milton and the Accountant both. The Accountant might even cross the line to Creepy Awesome.
    • At one point, Milton has an entire gunfight while still inside a woman and holding a bottle of booze in his free hand. You read that correctly.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Anything and everything seems to be just a little bit more obscene than normal.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The Accountant. To put it into perspective, this movie has Nicolas Cage having a gunfight while banging a woman and the Accountant is still the most memorable character.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The amount of physical abuse Piper takes in this movie is a bit uncomfortable after the messy fallout from Amber Heard's marriage to Johnny Depp.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Piper is nominally straight (she has a boyfriend she quickly breaks up with) but her opening scene has her physically assault her male boss after he makes a sleazy pass at her, she drives a car with an "I Brake 4 Pussy" sticker on the back (in theory, it belongs to the boyfriend, but as Piper notes, she is the one paying for it...), and when she meets a cute guy in a bar she tells Milton she's going to go "paint her nails," so she brings the cute guy back to her room and... cut to the cute guy literally painting her toenails, in vivid contrast to Milton, who is having loud sex with a waitress in the next room. Amber Heard, who plays Piper, came out as bisexual after filming but before the movie was released.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: For many people, The Accountant is the only reason to see this movie.
  • Spiritual Adaptation: One could see this as the Ghost Rider film that should have happened, as opposed to that OTHER one with Nicholas Cage and serious Villain Decay. Either that, or a very good imitation of a low-rent John Carpenter horror film from the early Eighties. The only thing that wouldn't fit in a schlocky Eighties Black Comedy horror flick are the smartphones.


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