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YMMV / Drifting

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  • Funny Moments: So many.
    • In chapter 4, Naruto throws a pellet of some kind into a gangsters mouth. He promptly starts breathing fire.
    • Twice in the story, Naruto goes up against a team of female missing-nin trying to cause trouble in Konoha. Both times, not only does he handily defeat them, he somehow manages to take their bras & panties off them without them even realizing it until he shows them in his hands.
  • Moment of Awesome: Naruto manages to get promoted in the Chunin Exams... to jonin.
    • Zabuza's final stand against Kakuzu. Even though he's been mortally wounded by Hidan, the Demon of the Hidden Mist still manages to conjure a demonic specter of his chakra that leaves Kakuzu in fear, and then puts every last bit of lifeforce left into a gigantic Water Release technique that deals serious damage to Kakuzu, including destroying one of his hearts.


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