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YMMV / Dream House

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For the movie:

  • The Woobie: Peter Ward, the man whose family was killed. He hears the confrontation between his wife and the gunman, tries to save her and the children, and was inadvertently shot by his mortally-wounded wife, is accused of the murders of his wife and daughters. Little wonder he abandoned his identity and took up the false identity of Will Attenton.

For the Game Show:

  • Hilarious in Hindsight: From the final week of the 1980s version (specifically, June 26, 1984), one of the questions involved who was the host of Jeopardy! between Art Fleming and Art James. The question becomes hilarious considering that the announcer for this version of Dream House, Johnny Gilbert, would become the announcer for the current revival of Jeopardy! a few months later.